Week 4 Bold Predictions: Robert Woods big return game, Jaguars sent deeper into exile, and more!

Week 4 is among us. So you know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to make some bold predictions!

Week 3 Bold Predictions in Review

X Baker Mayfield’s game to forget- throws 6 interceptions

X Cam Newton has monster game against former team, lead Lions to victory.

X Cardinals defense bottle up Ruggs III

*Disclaimer: These are BOLD predictions.  Don’t @mention me telling me how wrong I was, or how I don’t know what I’m talking about.  The sole purpose of this is FUN.  If you want real predictions, be sure to tune into The Naturals weekly episodic series, where he provides game predictions on a more realistic account.  In other words, take it with a grain of salt.

  1. Jets and ‘Young Guns’ soar higher than the Ravens
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This is the game I believe the Jets finally say, screw the (lack of) roster, I am here and ready to compete.  El Jefe, humbly flying below the radar during his rebuild, has put together a string of solid games to start the season.  After a week 3 heartbreaking loss, as HD weaseled out another last second victory, the Jets are looking to rebound and put some respect on their name and flip the record around.  What better way to do it then to knock off the undefeated Ravens who are coming off a convincing victory against the Bengals.  I don’t think this is a bold statement.  I think the Jets come and win this game with fundamental solid defense, forcing Lamar Jackson to make erratic throws into a speedy, young, hard hitting, Jets defense.  The controversial selection of Jayden Daniels on draft day has left the rookie playing with a chip on his shoulder.  After being selection before some big name QBs, the rookie out of Arizona State has played solid football 3 games into the season with a 8/5/108.9 stat line.  He is joined behind center with fellow rookie Jemar Jefferson who is putting up potential ROY numbers with a trio of touchdowns to begin the year.  Nolan Smith, Devin Lloyd, and Brian Cashman will keep Lamar in the pocket and let the secondary do the rest.  Jets are +14-point underdogs according to Daddy Leagues official line.  Don’t be surprised if the Jets flip the script and win by 14+ in front of the home crowd in Rutherford NJ.  Keep an eye out for a pair of Jefferson rushing touchdowns.

  • Robert Woods returns to Rams, goes off for 100+ and TD
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The league was left scratching their heads when new Rams coach MikeD, brought back Robert Woods on a 1 year deal after his week 3 loss to the Buccaneers. This move drops the 94 speed, and most importantly, the development of Tutu Atwell down to 4th on the official Rams depth chart.  In a win now approach, MikeD is going with the proven talent of Woods.  Based on the Rams first game, he is clear he is a dink and dunk offense, and a genuine check down Charlie, who will move the ball down the field with a mix of power running and short, under routes.  MikeD is adding players that feed into his scheme, rather than playing the speed game most coaches gravitate towards.  Robert Woods resume fits the bill with a very solid 89/89/85 short/medium/long route running ratings.    With the attention on Gallup, look for the Rams to look at Woods early and often as he methodically works his way down the field.  Robert Woods returns to the Rams and provides a spark on the offense.  Get him into your fantasy lineups this week.  I predict 100+ yards and a score in the return game for the Ram wide receiver. 

  • Dolphins send Jaguars deeper into self-inflicted chat exile
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Both teams come into the game at 0-3.  Both teams are having a difficult time scoring points and keeping the opposing defense off the field.  The Jaguars have prided themselves in seasons past in tough, sound, hard nose defensive football.  That hasn’t been the case almost a quarter into the 3rd PML season.   The Jaguars are losing their identity, are not controlling the game with the run, and are giving up points more than ever before.  In all fairness, both teams have played extremely difficult schedules through their first 3 games.  The two teams play in very competitive divisions, although both are solid coaches and are expected to stay competitive throughout.  I am using the word both far too much in this writeup, because again, both are dealing with similar circumstances.  However, in contrast the way the users are dealing with their respective situations and rough starts are a world of a difference.  King Mike remains positive and continues look towards weeks ahead.  Chef on the other hand has changed his name to “Trash Ass PML Owner” and has departed from chat activity.  I think positivity wins in this one. Daddy League has the spread at Dolphins -4.  Look for a low scoring, close one, as the Dolphins barely edge out the Jaguars sending them to 0-4 at the quarter mark.  You can book it!