Week 3: We Pardon This Interruption

Miles Sanders has the Wrecking Ball ability and he vows that at 211 pounds he will truck every  defender in his path. That was the first statement out of Sanders mouth when asked about how he feels about his new ability. Sanders took this ability into week 3 versus the Tennessee Titans. 

After the week 2 loss, the Eagles had a good week of practice and focused on defense. Coach Skellington told his team that Rodgers and company would not beat them through the air this week. 

The passing game started off strong, with Carson Wentz hitting multiple 20 yard passes early in the game. Wentz was disappointed in how he played last week and wanted to put that gme behind him with a strong performance in this game. This set up easy goal line scores for Sanders, who broke multiple tackles en route to his 2 touchdowns. Late in the third quarter, with the Eagles up 17-3,  Wentz threw an inaccurate pass resulting in the Titans scoring a touchdown. On the ensuing drive, the Eagles went back to the ground approach. With the Eagles driving, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, 20 Lighting bolts came down from the sky striking different areas of the stadium. This caused a major blackout that lasted 5 minutes. 

During this time, both teams agreed to finish the game with one quarter remaining. Once the power was back on, The Eagles got the ball back where they started, but managed to only get to the Titan 30 yard line, resulting in a missed field goal. On the ensuing drive, Rodgers and company drove down the field and easily scored a touchdown. With only a few minutes left in the game, Wentz knew it was up to him to win the game. After going 3 straight plays and not getting a first down, the Eagles found themselves with a 4th down near mid field. Coach Skellington gave the go ahead and Wentz managed to call the perfect play versus the Titans cover 3 resulting in a streaking touchdown for Wallace. The Eagles defense would hold the Titans on the next possession, essentially winning the game. 

This was one of the weirdest games for the Eagles. They had all of the momentum before the blackout and none of it after. This nearly resulted in a Eagles loss, which shows that momentum can make or break teams. The win, however, puts the Eagles at 2-1 which is good for 4th in the NFC East this season. They face off against the undefeated Buccaneers next week where they will need to win as a loss could send them down a tough road early in the season. 


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