Week 2: Superstar X-Factor Trade Off

After starting off the first game of the week on a strong note, the Eagles come into week 2 to face off against the Dallas Cowboys. This is the first divisional game of the year for each team, and both teams will be looking for the win to get an early jump on the division lead. The Eagles came into this game looking to do two things, go for the win, and get Miles Sanders a superstar x-factor ability. Before the game started, Sanders was blessed with the opportunity to turn into a stronger player by completing the objective of getting 200 total yards or 4 touchdowns. Coach Skellington could be heard before the game saying, “ we will not sacrifice the win in order to get Miles his ability.” 

The game started off  as close as could be with both teams scoring touchdowns however, the first turn of the tide came in the form of a Wentz interception that he threw right to linebacker Smith. The Smith interception would only turn into three points for the Cowboys. On the next possession, Wentz would take the Eagles down the field only to throw another terrible interception that changed the landscape of the game completely. Wentz had wide receiver Wallace wide open in the back of the endzone, however, even though he was sitting in a clean pocket, he threw an inaccurate pass leading to a Cowboy touchdown. The Cowboys would maintain their 10 point lead all the way until the third quarter where they were on the verge of scoring another touchdown. Down 10, on the goaline, the Eagles finally got the interception that they needed, only to have a terrible roughing the passer penalty be called on them. On the very next play, the Cowboys would score a touchdown. That penalty ruined any chance of a comeback and knowing this Coach Skellington gave the go ahead to do everything possible to get Sanders his ability. The Eagles spent the entire fourth quarter giving Sanders the ball in the passing and running game. Sanders would end the game with the exact 200 yards he needed, which earned him the Wrecking Ball ability. 

Carson Wentz reverted back to his season one form in this game. Wentz wasn’t seeing the field as clearly as he should have or throwing the ball with the type of accuracy he normally has which resulted in his three interceptions. If Wentz made that wide open throw in the second, the game could have been completely different. Miles Sanders, who before the fourth quarter wasn’t even close in terms of yardage, did everything he needed in order to secure his ability. Sanders got the last 10 yards he needed on a streak touchdown pass, which was beautifully fit in between the defenders. Sanders ended the game with the most catches, he has ever caught in a game. He caught 16 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown. Zach Ertz, finally had his first breakout game in 2 seasons, catching 8 passes for 124 yards and a touchdown. 

The Eagles defense which played well in the first game of the season, laid a egg in this game. They gave up 38 points, allowing the Dallas run game to do anything that they wanted. They also gave up their biggest play of the season in the form of a 92 yard touchdown by rookie receiver Rambo. This combined with penalties at bad times throughout the game, gave the Cowboys an easy win. The defense only forced one turnover and 2 sacks. Given the amount of manpower the Eagles have on their defense a showing like this is unacceptable. Coach Skellington could be heard saying after the game, “ If another performance like this happens this season, players will be put on the trade block. “ The Eagles management decided to take this game as a trade off of some sort and will look to their next game versus the Tennessee Titans. 


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