Week 3 Bold Predictions: Mayfield’s nightmare performance, Newton seeks revenge against former club, and more!

Week 3 is among us. So you know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to make some bold predictions!

Week 2 Bold Predictions in Review

X Packers give up 60… for a second week in a row. Love gets picked 5 times once more. Bills win big.

X Spencer Rattler bounces back with 4 touchdown performance, divisional win over KC

X Papagreen, Fallen give us true game of the week.  Wild overtime finish?

*Disclaimer: These are BOLD predictions.  Don’t @mention me telling me how wrong I was, or how I don’t know what I’m talking about.  The sole purpose of this is FUN.  If you want real predictions, be sure to tune into The Naturals weekly episodic series, where he provided true predictions on a more realistic account. 

  1. Baker Mayfield’s game to forget- throws 6 interceptions
New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns Matchup Preview (12/27/20): Betting  Odds, Depth Charts, Live Stream (Watch Online)

Everyone knows HD loves slinging the ball around the field to ODB and Jarvis Landry. That is no secret. It is also no secret that Baker Mayfield set the NFL record for interceptions in a season with 63 last year.  Combine that with his 2020 campaign (42ints), Mayfield has thrown over 100 interceptions in just two seasons.  These are historic, and very alarming numbers.  Jets defense has a lot of focus on user FS and SS (Maye and Superstar Davis).  His LB core made up of two promising rookies, Devin Lloyd & SS XF Nolan Smith, are among the fastest in the league added with 89 speed Brian Cashman.  Look for the Jets to set the tone early forcing turnovers.  Baker Mayfield will finish with over 6 interceptions and the Jets will roll to 2-1 here behind stellar route jumping defense.

  • Cam Newton has monster game against former team, lead Lions to victory.
Lions vs. Patriots Preview - Lions Gab

What a narrative we have in this one.  Cam Newton brought a post-Brady Super Bowl title to the Patriots in season 1, only to be traded to the team that he defeated in the Super Bowl at the start of season 3.  The Patriots, after being eliminated from the playoffs season 2, were very quick to move on from Cam Newton.  They shipped him off to Detroit this off season and gave Felipe Franks the keys to run the offense.  It was a bold move by The Natural, one that seems to be paying off so far for the club as they look to reclaim the crown of a very competitive AFC East division.  Although his play has been underwhelming, Cam Newton (4TD/6INT), wants revenge.  CookieBoy (1-1) wants revenge.  Bold prediction here- don’t be surprised if the Lions pull off the upset under 2 minutes to finally get revenge on the Patriots and The Natural.  If this doesn’t happen, I fully expect the team to evaluate their quarterback situation moving forward with Matthew Stafford waiting on the sidelines for his opportunity once more.

  • Cardinals defense bottle up Ruggs III
Cardinals Vs Raiders Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image  32401901.

Henry Ruggs III is an absolute matchup nightmare for most teams.  I say most teams loosely because the Cardinals seem to have the right answers to not only contain the 98 speed and 99 acceleration of the Superstar X-Factor, but more than likely, shut him down and write him out of the Raiders gameplan.  The speed and skill of the Cardinals secondary is a true CFM dream.  Byron Murphy (92 speed), Surtain (94 speed), Javelin Guidry (96 speed) are all more than capable of keeping up with Ruggs III.  Not only is the speed there, but the former two (Murphy & Surtain) have a 96 acceleration rating.  If that isn’t enough, Budda Baker (95, Superstar) and Isaiah Simmons (97, X-Factor) provide A1 coverage over the top.  All the credit in the world to Goose for developing and building this monster secondary.  Look for Ruggs III to be held under 30 yards and 0 scores in this contest.  You can book it! Going to be a long day for Derek Carr and the Raiders.