S3:W3-“Duuuval…We Have a Problem!!!”

Duuuval Gazette

“Duuuval…We Have a Problem!!!”

Breakout Rookie S3- NFC North: Bears

Rolling along with our series, we move on to the NFC North and starting with the Bears. They took a lot of picks/players but, none bigger than their 1st round draft pick, WR-George Pickens. He came in and stepped right into the WR2 spot and took some of the stress of the receiving game off Allen Robinson II. He is one the consensus breakout rookies for the PML and for their team, DA BEARS!

Breakout Rookie S3- NFC North: Lions

On to the Lions…They had a pretty good draft in my opinion but, only one player from their draft class has shown the ability to be a breakout rookie. They are loaded in the secondary but, 1st round pick, CB-M.Wright, has played well enough that even a previous SB Starter, DB-Amani Oruwariye, is on the trading block. If you have stepped up enough to get another player put on the block, you definitely are trending towards being a breakout rookie.

Another week.. Another loss.. For week 3, we lost to the Colts, for the first time this cycle, 34-17. After this lost, we have to look ourselves in the mirror and realize that we need to adjust. We can not play the same way we did at the beginning of the cycle. Adapt or die… and right now we are on life support. We have enlisted the help of a fellow league mate to help us reset and get our of our head and get back to what we do best!

Before we go any further we have to extend a quick, “F**K you” to the haters, because they love being recognized. We have a to do everything in our power to get back to what we do well. This season was a season that we expected to make the wildcard, so our sands of time are running out for that to become a reality. We now turn our attention to the Dolphins in week 4, in hopes of changing the tide!

Breakout Rookie S3- NFC North: Packers

Looking over the Packers, they have a couple rookies that could be their breakout player. One is their 1st round pick, OG-Kenyon Green, who at the end of the day need the run game and the team overall to be good to really see him develop rating wise or DEV wise. The other player who has a better chance of being their breakout rookie is their 4ht round draft pick, MLB-Jack Sanborn out of Wisconsin. He was able to get to a STAR Dev and if used correctly can have a solid footing to breakout.

Breakout Rookie S3- NFC North: Vikings

Finishing up on the NFC North, we stop but the Vikings. They normally have a good draft so it was kind of hard to decide on their breakout rookie. Not to hard though, as 1st round pick, WR-Justyn Ross, has taken snaps from other VET WRs and is working towards helping the team overall. There is even rumblings that WR-Adam Thielen, may be OTB due to how well Justyn Ross has been coming on as of late. In the end, wasn’t that hard of a choice to have Justyn Ross be the Vikings candidate for breakout rookie.