S3:W2-“F**k Outta Here”

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“F**k Outta Here”

Breakout Rookie Series S3 – NFC East: Cowboys

Continuing on to the NFC East and their breakout rookies, we start with the Cowboys. They have talented rookies on both offense and defense but, their WR-Charleston Rambo from Oklahoma is trending towards being their breakout rookie. He is a STAR DEV and is getting more and more reps to get to a SUPERSTAR DEV. He is behind two Stud WRs already but, he is definitely favored for them.

Breakout Rookie Series S3 – NFC East: Eagles

Moving on to the Eagles, their breakout Rookie is DB-Josh Jobe. He is a STAR DEV, came in rated 74, and is now rated 78. He fits in perfectly for their zone drop defense. He is without their breakout rookie and is trending towards possibly being SUPERSTAR DEV by the end of the season.

This article took awhile to write, just due to the utter ignorance from the skeptics regarding this game. If you treat this game like a Fan of any team and just look at the score then, you get a knee jerk reaction to the score of us losing 44-14 to the Giants. A few early tough breaks put the Jags behind the 8-ball and we ended up falling a part in the 2nd half.

The first half and second half tell 2 different stories. What it came down to was this… Did our opponent stop our RPOs and Read Options..? Hell No! Did they out coach us..? Nope.. Now did their players out perform our players..? YES!..Without question! We will see to it, that the players that we have on this team, perform like they are getting paid or they will be gone next season. With that being said, folks need to look up and research what “Out coached” means compared to “CPU” players out playing other “CPU’ Players. Only “USER” INT my opponent got was off a programming glitch, were I was trying to pump fake and it didn’t register the “double button” press and threw it right to him. The rest were CPU INTs..

“I don’t know man…everybody wanna be tough guys in the league these days.. but don’t nobody do anything…F**K Outta Here!…You kidding me!!!” -Draymond Green

We move on and look to face the Colts in week 3, as we look to “Right the Ship!”

Breakout Rookie Series S3 – NFC East: Giants

For the Giants, their draft was slim Pickens but, they did draft a CB in the first round. He got plugged into the lineup immediately and that will allow for him to get all the reps possible to be a breakout rookie for the Giants.

Breakout Rookie Series S3 – NFC East: WFT

Last but, not least for the NFC East, we close up this division with the WFT. AS it seems, another NFC East team, another CB taken in the first round. For the WFT, their 1st round pick, CB-Marco Wilson, is the only player looking like he is going to be a breakout rookie. They drafted a WR that could’ve been in the running for the breakout rookie but, he only has 4 catches through 2 games. Even though, the WFT is deep at CB, they are giving Marco Wilson the reps, so no reason to feel that he won’t blossom.