Week 1: Eagles Offensive Explosion

After going 2-2 in the preseason, the Philadelphia Eagles are excited to be playing meaningful football again. Last season’s heartbreaking playoff loss still looms large in the hearts of all Eagles players and fans. The Eagles are ready to move on from last season, only remembering the loss in order to use it as motivation for the upcoming season. For the first week of the 2022 season, the Eagles faced off against the Chicago Bears. The Bears are coming off of a playoff loss of their own and look to show everyone that they belong back in the playoff discussion. Eagles head coach Jack Skellington said the game plan coming into this game was to run the ball and focus on not letting Mack have his way with the offensive line. The Bears could smell this game plan coming and looked to contain the running game before it got started. Wentz noticed the defense keying in on the running game, so he knew if the Eagles had a chance he would have to lead the way. Wentz checked out of most of his run plays that were not there and had success in the passing game. The Eagles offense could not be stopped as they scored on most of their possessions. The game was close early on but late in the game the Eagles defense turned it on forcing two turnovers that were key. The offense made the most of these turnovers, eventually  being  able to run out the game for the 44-24 win. 

After having a terrible preseason, Wentz went on a tear in this game. Wentz was almost perfect throwing the ball as he completed 18/20 passes for 301 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an interception. The interception was on a play that he overthrew his receiver, but the defense was able to bail him out getting an interception of their own. After signing running back Mostert in the offseason, the Eagles were going for  more of a dual back approach. This worked perfectly as both backs ran for  large gains and touchdowns. Sanders  ran for 129 yards and 2 touchdowns on 19 attempts, while Mostert ran for 71 yards and a touchdown on 7 attempts. The Eagles receiving core which most consider an afterthought came up big in this game. Coutee and Reagor both totaled over 100 yards receiving on the day, showing that even if the running game is bottled up they can get the job done. 

The Eagles defense played badly against the pass last season, however, after letting up some deep play touchdowns they settled in and forced turnovers to win the game. Cornerback Slay was tired of the Bears running free in the secondary so he put a stop to it late in the game. Slay forced one turnover, then another on a play that Bears quarterback Wilson thought he had a clear catch. Slay was able to come out from his zone in order to snatch the ball out of the air. The rest of the Eagles defense had a very uneventful game, mostly giving up big plays. Maddox could be heard after the game mad at himself for letting running back Cohen get behind him for a 30 yard touchdown pass. The defense which is star studded will  need to play a little better if they want to continue their recent winning ways. 

This win was needed in order to give the Eagles a head start in their gauntlet of a schedule. Their winning streak of over 7 games to end the season was the reason that the Eagles made the playoffs last season, as if they even lost one they would have been out. They have a hard schedule this season in which they will play 8 games versus playoff teams from last year, and 12 games against teams that had a .500 or better record from last year. Each game will count and the Eagles know that even one loss could mean that they won’t get into the playoffs. Next up, the Eagles will face off against the Dallas Cowboys.


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