PML Week 1 Rams(0-0) vs Giants (0-0)

The Rams are have hired yet another coach. John Madden, no relation to that old guy. When asked what his plans are for the team here is what he had to say. “There is a core group of recognizable guys in Donald, Ramsey, Havenstein, Akers and Higbee. Additionally mixed in are some young faces second year Qb/Wr duo Mond/Atwell. Derek Stingley our first round draft pick, who before even taking a snap is a superstar and 2nd year stud Kyle Pitts. My job isn’t to do anything fancy, the talent is here. My focus will be going to be changing the mentality of this whole origination. I look forward to see what these men are made of, and what lengths they are willing to go through to become a winning football team.”

The keys to the game.

With the new coaching hire, comes a offensive scheme and defensive scheme. When asked what his game plan was what John had this to say: “There will need to be an urgency and don’t blink mentality. We can’t just fold if some play doesn’t go our way. We must stick to what are gameplan is and let the splash plays come as they will.”

Players to watch

Cam Akers

Tutu Atwell

Aaron Donald

Players thoughts on the game and start of the season

Tut Atwell: “I know I can be a superstar in this league this will be my breakout season. I look forward to the chance to light up the giants.

Aaron Donald: “I love the new mentality the new coach has brought with him. I can see in preparations that the guys look more confident. We are going to make a statement this season. We will not be known as the same old Rams. The Giants will be a great first test.”

Kellen Mond: “Last year I was just getting my feet wet. I spent a long off season throwing with my guys. The game seems more manageable now. I will admit I was seeing plays on the field last year, and just hesitating. I fully trust myself to make all the throws this year.”


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