First Impressions; Is my division really the worst? Thoughts from a newcomer

From what I have gathered in discord chat my division is sad. So sad that the winner of the division narrowly missed a losing record. Lets take a deeper dive into my divisions history. In the previous season, the Seahawks were 8-8 49ers 8-8 cardinals 6-10, and rams 1-15. This gives the division a total of 23 wins. Seems low at first glance but what about some of the other weaker divisions. NFC south total wins 23. AFC west 23 wins. Interesting. Where would my division be in total wins if Bo was not tanking for number 1 overall?


Week 1 recap

Two of the more vocal cut throat users in the Bengals and Browns had a tough week. The Bengals or should I Bungals fell to the Patriots 48-10. Joe Burrow had 1 td 5 interceptions, and competed 51% of his passes in the beatdown. The Bengals user is known for his bold prediction series. If he were to write about himself, one of his bold predictions could be throwing more touchdown passes then interceptions in week 2. Next up the Browns lose to the Falcons 38-31. Baker Mayfield had a tough game throwing as many picks as TD. The Ravens showed they are still the class of the division pulling a huge upset over the reigning Superbowl champions. Lastly the big personality Steelers knocked off king mike and the Dolphins 38-24 in a highly contested game.

What are my thought’s on the division? Rash predictions

A very one sided division yet again. You can see from week 1 that the Browns user spends more time watching peoples streams to critique their play instead of spending time to improve on his own flaws. I expect more of the same from the Browns. I have the Browns going 5-11 and sitting out of the playoffs this season. The Bengals have taken a step back in week 1 compare to last years play. The Bengals will finish 6-10 again missing the playoffs. The Steelers looked great in their win over the dolphins in with that stud of a d line I can see them eclipsing 10 wins this year. I left the big brother for last. The Ravens knocked off maybe the best player in PML history. The bills were on a 14 win streak and the Ravens dialed up the perfect game plan to end that. The Ravens will finish this season strong. They will continue their dominance on the ground and bully the AFC north. They will split with the Steelers and up as the division winners again at 12-4.