S3:W1-Just out of our reach!

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Just out of our reach!

Breakout Rookie S3 – NFC West: Niners

Continuing our Breakout rookie predictions for the 3 season now, we start off in the NFC West and with the Niners. The Rookie on the Niners, that I believe will be their breakout rookie, was kind of hard to decide at first. The DEV Tool made that choice a little easier for me though. Looking at their Secondary and adding a SuperStar DEV DB to the fold is huge. I feel that SS-Jordan Battle will make a big impact and, be the breakout player for the Niners.

Breakout Rookie S3 – NFC West: Cards

Moving on the the Cards, it was a little tricky as far as seeing which rookies are in a good situation to eventually start. The player that seems like the best to have a breakout season for there Cards is MLB-Christian Harris. He is a really fast MLB, so I definitely expect the “USER’ to appear beneath the MLB because of it.

Coming into this game we knew that after watching amount of film that the Cowboys would be a solid and fairly tough opponent but, we also knew that if we play relatively mistake free, we have a very good shot at winning this game. Welp, we did not play mistake free and that cost us the game. We lost to the Cowboys on a INT on their 9 yard line or so down 3. In that situation, we had 3 points to go to overtime at the least. WE have to do better at making smarter throws.

Outside of the last faith sealing INT, we threw 3 other INTs, one on forcing a pass on a two-high beater against single high and then another one that was the opposite situation. The other INT was a 50/50 ball that I would throw again, just maybe to a better WR. We have looked at film, tweaked some things and, are moving on to our week 2 matchup vs the Giants.

Breakout Rookie S3 – NFC West: Rams

Next up is the Rams. They have had some of the most turnover in the League, from an owner stand point, so it is only right they end up with a good draft pick. And it happened to be the best overall pick, Number 1 overall. No question hear, they took the best CB on the board. I feel that CB-Derek Stingley Jr will be the breakout rookie for the Rams, by sheer default.

Breakout Rookie S3 – NFC West: Seahawks

Wrapping up the NFC West, we finish with the Seachic… sorry, Seahawks. Looking at their roster, they didn’t draft anyone that was a DEV upgrade. That makes it kind of hard to choose the player for them that I think is going to break out as a rookie. I don’t have anyone definitely but, if I had to choose I would say WR-Tyrell Shavers. He is a 6’6″ 220lbs WR, that comes in with 92 Speed and 91 Jump. Would say if any one could get plugged into the lineup and be a weapon, it is this guy.