The 2 Super Bowl Coaches + some guy named Mike present: 2022 NFC Season Predictions

KMFO’s 2022 Regular Season Predictions 

NFC North

  • Vikings (12-4) Y
  • Lions (9-7)
  • Packers (8-8)
  • Bears (8-8)

These records don’t reflect how good I think the NFC North teams really are. I think this division is the deepest in terms of coaching skill for all 4 users, and good rosters. However, the NFC north has the toughest schedule in the NFL this season and that’s why I think they won’t have multiple teams with double digit wins. The NFC North has to play the AFC East, the NFC East, and themselves 2 times each. That is the toughest schedule of any division in the league and its a gauntlet that I think will result in only one team finishing with a record good enough for the playoffs even though all teams here are worthy of a playoff spot.

NFC South

  • Saints (11-5) Y
  • Buccaneers (10-6) X
  • Panthers (6-10)
  • Falcons (6-10)

We are not supposed to care about preseason, but the Saints new head coach started off the preseason the right way by defeating the reigning NFC #1 seed in week 1. If this is any indication of the Saints success in 2022, then I expect them to be able to secure a division that didn’t have a single team with a winning record in 2021. The Buccaneers are a dark horse. With a very talented and fast roster, the success of the Bucs will largely hinge on the development of rookie QB Howell.

NFC East

  • Giants (12-4) Z
  • Football Team (10-6) X
  • Cowboys (10-6) X
  • Eagles (9-7)

It is time for the Giants to finally turn things around and ride the wave of their late season success last year. The Giants finished 8-1 down the final stretch in 2021, so I expect them to keep that going and win a very challenging division as long as they keep Slayton and Ingram healthy this season. The Football Team will find a way into the playoffs and likely make another run at the super bowl, but has Dwayne Haskins reached his peak? Washington has once again failed to get him a clear number 2 receiving target to compliment McLaurin. The Cowboys and Eagles are a toss up, but I’m going with the Cowboys because of their strong playoff performance in 2021 along with a loaded roster of superstar and x factor players.

NFC West

  • Rams (9-7) Y
  • Cardinals (9-7)
  • Seahawks (7-9)
  • 49ers (6-10)

This division is tough to call. The Rams defense has to be taken seriously, and if young QB Kellen Mond can develop along with his speedy receiving core and young dynamic TE, then the offense should be able to score enough points for them to capture a weak division. The Cardinals will be tough after finishing with a dominant 5-1 division record last season. If the Cardinals can figure out how to win non-division games consistently, they can easily take this division as well. 

Tbandit’s 2022 Regular Season Predictions 


• WFT: (14-2) Z

• DAL: (11-5) Y

• NYG: (8-8)

• PHI: (7-9)

NFC EAST: The NFC BEAST is back!! The best division in Pml from top to bottom has balled out this season and been fun to watch sending 3 teams to the playoffs along with everybody being over .500 in season 3. The Nfc East has a gauntlet as well playing the Afc South and the Nfc North but they are well prepared as they face each other 6 times a year. The Football Team represented the Nfc in the super bowl having to beat the Eagles and Cowboys to get there which shows the talent they have. The Giants are hungry while the Eagles and Cowboys are looking to make it a step further than last year, but I just do not see that happening. The Football Team returns everybody along with the playoff experience and a few new pieces, so I see them only getting better as we enter season 3 and running away with their 3rd division title in a row.


• LIONS: (11-5) Z

• VIKINGS: (10-6) Y

• BEARS: (10-6) Y

• PACKERS: (1-15)

NFC NORTH: The Nfc North is another quality division here in Pml that was looked at as a top 2 division before the cycle started. This division will go down to wire and they will also send 3 for the first time this cycle even with the gauntlet of a schedule they have playing the Afc and Nfc East. I see this being a big bounce back season for the Lions as they missed the playoffs after making the super bowl in season 1. This will be the closest division from start to finish in season 3 with the Lions making a couple more plays in big games which will help them regain the division crown.


• NO: (9-7) Z

• TB: (8-8)

• ATL: (7-9)

• CAR: (4-12)

NFC SOUTH: The Nfc South was one of the more underperforming divisions in Pml after sending 2 teams to the playoffs season 1 along with the #1 seed in the entire Nfc but then in season 2 8-8 wins the division. This Division will go all the way down to the wire and be decided by some key divisional matchups down the stretch. The new Saints user makes things interesting and from what I’ve seen in the preseason it’s his division but if the Bucs and Falcons can steal a divisional matchup it will be interesting.


• LAR: (11-5) Z

• SEA: (8-8)

• ARI: (6-10)

• SF: (5-11)

NFC WEST: The Nfc West is one of the more interesting and slept on divisions in the league. All 4 teams are capable of winning the division and beating a/b tier coaches on their best day. The Seahawks won the division last year because of the 49ers choke job in week 17 vs Goose but I don’t see either of these 2 teams walking away with the division crown. My sleeper coach for season 3 is Bo of the Rams who joined mid-season and had some struggles I don’t see continuing during season 3. With a fresh start and a 4th place schedule I can see Bo winning this division comfortably.

KingMike’s 2022 Regular Season Predictions 

NFC East

Football ​12 – 4 Y

Giants​​ 9 – 7 X

Cowboys​ 8 – 8

Eagles ​​ 4 – 12

This year’s PML Coach of the Year to me goes to TBandit. What he has done with the Football Team is very impressive. I see him winning 12 games in season 3, but all of them will be close. The NFC East is not to be played with and these records can all flip flop… including the one at the time. Look for fireworks in Season 3 in the NFC East.

NFC North

Vikings​​ 11 – 5 X

Bears​​ 10 – 6 X

Lions​​ 8 – 8

Packers​ 3 – 13

I said at the beginning of the cycle that Cookieboy will have troubles with his Lions team, and at the end of season one he was in the Super Bowl. I was shocked, and so was the NFC North. Season 2 saw the division turn up to another level and kept Cook out of the playoffs for the first time in his PML career. That will happen again as the Vikings and the Bears teams just keep getting better. I don’t know much about the Packers, but anyone who streams with his shirt off and a durag on is someone you cant just overlook. As of now though I haven’t seen enough to have a real opinion on his Madden game.

NFC South

Buccs ​​9 – 7 X

Panthers​ 9 – 7 X

Falcons​ 6 – 10

Saints​​ 3 – 13

This division was very hard to predict. I want to see the Panthers do good. I think they should be good. Its just when the ball is kicked off they seem to come up short more times than not. I have my eye on DLloyd getting back into the tournament with his Buccs, while the Falcons continue to slowly get better as his young team shapes up. I don’t know much about Saints so it was hard to predict where he would end up.  

NFC West

Cardinals​ 10  – 6 X

49ers​​ 7 – 9

Seahawks​ 6  – 10

Rams​​ 4 – 12

Goose finally gets loose and wins double digit games for the first time in his PML career. Nef will be a tough out with his 49ers. Mali will play every game close, while Bo will start to show what he knows. Their records may not show much success but please believe the NFC West is no push over. I hope I am wrong and these guys do a lot better than what im predicting.