The 2 Super Bowl Coaches + some guy named Mike present: 2022 AFC Season Predictions

KMFO’s 2022 Regular Season Predictions 

AFC North


  • Ravens (13-3) Y
  • Steelers (8-8)
  • Bengals (5-11)
  • Browns (3-13)


The Ravens roster is just too good. Calais Campbell didn’t retire and Lamar Jackson is still Lamar. This offense has only been getting better each season, so I expect them to dominate the AFC North and finish with similar success as they had in 2021. The Bengals can pull some upsets but their roster is just overmatched in the AFC. The Steelers could be playoff contenders if they had a QB.


AFC South


  • Texans (11-5) Y
  • Titans (11-5) X
  • Jaguars (9-7)
  • Colts (7-9)


This division is tough and full of offensive playmakers on every roster. The Texans will just be too powerful this year with the reigning MVP returning for his sophomore season at RB with a newfound 96 speed. The Titans can’t be counted out. The ageless Aaron Rodgers and Derick Henry team up to make this one of the league’s most dangerous offenses. The Titans also found some speed for their receiving core in the offseason so I expect them to be able to put up a lot of points in 2022. The Jaguars have quietly put together the best roster in the NFL and by far the fastest defense. This will win them a lot of games, and only time will tell if they’ll be able to knock off the division’s best teams. The Colts can be really good but are still a QB away from being a serious p[layoff contender. I’m sorry but Jameis isn’t the answer.


AFC East


  • Bills (15-1) Y
  • Patriots (13-3) X
  • Dolphins (12-4) X
  • Jets (4-12)


An absolute gauntlet of a division. The Jets really aren’t a poorly coached team either, much better than the predicted record. But with the NFC North and AFC East consisting of 9 of their games this year, they will just be too overmatched across the board by much more talented teams with equally as good of coaching. The Bills look extremely hot riding a 14 game win streak into 2022, however, I don’t see a way the Bills will be able to play 5 of the other 6 2021 AFC Playoff teams including the Patriots twice and the NFC North without suffering this head coach’s first defeat. 15-1 is probably the best case scenario for Buffalo. New England will be as dominant as ever, however, they will potentially hit some bumps in the road as they work to develop a young promising QB who may not be consistent with his accuracy until the end of the year. By playoff time, I think this will be the Patriots best team in this madden cycle. The Dolphins are a well coached team and now have the talent to go out and win games. If they stay healthy, this is one of the best offenses in the league and the secondary can shutdown even the best passing attacks. 


AFC East


  • Chargers (16-0) Z
  • Chiefs (5-11)
  • Broncos (5-11)
  • Raiders (1-15)


The Chargers just don’t have too many challenges this season. They will have to play the Patriots and the Ravens, by far their toughest tests. But other than that they should be heavily favored in all of their other matchups. The rest of this division isn’t expected to make much noise in the race for the playoffs and they certainly won’t be able to pose much of a challenge for the Chargers.


Tbandit’s 2022 Regular Season Predictions



  • Bills: (15-1) Z
  • Pats: (15-1) Y
  • Dolphins: (8-8)
  • Jets: (3-13)


AFC EAST:  Along with the Nfc beast we have the AFC BEAST! I’m a little biased being in the Nfc east, but this is probably the best division in Pml that will literally come down to the wire every year for the next 3 seasons. We have both the season 1 and 2 champs in the same division and based of their first matchup the next 6 will be must-see Tv. The Dolphins and Jets are two quality coaches just stuck in a tough Division and I just do not see them being in the picture unless they can win every game outside of their division. I have the Bills and Pats going 15-1 splitting the season series and the Bills winning on some crazy tie breaker that involves points scored or allowed because I have them with the same conference and division record so we will just have to see which way they decide who gets the crown.


  • HOU: (11-5) Z
  • TEN: (10-6) Y
  • IND: (6-10)
  • JAX: (5-11)


AFC SOUTH: The Afc south is one of the most competitive divisions in Pml but also the most confusing at the same time. In this division it’s all about matchups because they’ve all beat up on each other at some point. Everybody in here is quality but we all know this division will come down to the Texans and Titans as it has for the first 2 seasons. The deciding factor for me will be the 1st and second place schedule opponents for the Titans and Texans where I have the Titans going 0-2 vs the Ravens/Pats and the Texans going 1-1 vs the Bills/ Steelers which will be the difference for the 11-5 Texans vs the 10-6 Titans.



  • BAL: (12-4) Z
  • PIT: (11-5) Y
  • CLE: (4-12)
  • CIN: (2-14)


AFC NORTH: The Afc North has been a decent division that has been dominated by the Ravens in every phase. The Steelers have been good, but his inconsistency will hold him back from replacing the Ravens as king of the north while the Bengals and Browns will be fighting for 3rd place unless season 1 HD shows up. The Steelers will make it closer than season 2 but in the end the Ravens will win a close late season matchup that will ultimately be the deciding factor in him pulling away.


  • LAC: (15-1) Z
  • KC: (2-14)
  • OAK: (2-14)
  • DEN: (2-14)


AFC WEST: The Afc West is probably the worst division in Pml that has been dominated by the Chargers and will continue to be dominated until further notice. The Chargers will only be tested in matchups vs the Pats, Ravens and Afc South. The Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders will struggle big time with their 2 wins only coming on the division as they will split with each other. Those teams have shown signs of improvement at times, but it just isn’t good enough to compete with the Chargers at the moment. There’s not much to talk about as the Chargers will run away with this division for the next 3 years.

AFC Projected Playoff Seed

  1. Bills
  2. Chargers
  3. Ravens
  4. Texans
  5. Patriots
  6. Steelers
  7. Titans


KingMike’s 2022 Regular Season Predictions 


AFC East

Bills ​​14-2 X

Pats​ 13-3 X

Dolphins ​12-4 X

Jets​​ 4-12


I believe the AFC East really comes into the fore front in Season 3. All teams in the division are capable of winning most if not all of their games. Dolphins are looking for a bounce back season, the Patriots are still a contender to win it all, and the Bills will continue to exert their dominance over the PML. The Jets are not to be slept on either. If they can continue to make lemonade out of lemons that record could be completely different from what im projecting.


AFC North

Ravens​​ 12-4 X

Bengals​ 10-6X

Browns​ 8-8

Steelers​ 7-9


Another big-time division in PML with a lot of big time trash talk. Most of that talk comes from someone who I believe will not make the playoffs this season. Look for the Bengals to make the playoffs for the first time. Bacon and his Ravens are running it back with pretty much the same squad that’s a year older. HD will get back on track and have a .500 season or better.


AFC South

Colts ​​12 – 4 X

Jags​​ 8-8

Texans ​8 – 8

Titans​​ 7 – 9


The most competitive division in PML in my opinion. Anyone of these teams can win the division and make a run at going to the Super Bowl. The only problem is they have to play each other and beat each down. These records were very hard to predict and literally can switch between the 4 teams. I see the Colts locking in and winning the division in Season 3.


AFC West

Chargers​ 15 – 1 Y

Chiefs​​ 5 – 11

Raiders​ 3 – 13

Broncos​ 2 – 14


HypeMike aka Young Mike aka Toxic King owns the AFC West. I only see him losing at most one… maybe 2 games max. The Chiefs will give more teams problems, but I don’t see them making it over .500. Broncos and Raiders will get some wins but continue to struggle to keep pace with the high level of PML coaches that have been recruited into the league this year.