Season 3 Divisional Bold Predictions: NFC North send 3, Bengals and Browns flip the script, and more! (Part 1)

Welcome everyone to the 2022 season of PML Football.  Arod and Bacon here to bring you some sizzling, juicy, not-so-far-fetched Divisional bold predictions that you should be prepared for as we embark on our season 3 journey through the roller coaster ride we call PML.

*Disclaimer: These are BOLD predictions.  Don’t @mention us telling us how wrong we were, or how we don’t know what we’re talking about.  The sole purpose of this is FUN.  If you want real predictions, be sure to tune into The Naturals weekly episodic series, where he provides true predictions on a more realistic account. 

AFC North: The table flips as the Bengals and Browns finish as the top 2 teams in the Division

Who wins the AFC North in 2019? - Cincy Jungle

The Ravens and Steelers finished season 2 representing the division in the playoffs.  The Bengals finished 7-9, and the Browns finished with a top 5 draft pick.  As we look ahead to the upcoming schedule, AFC North has its hands full with the AFC East on tap.  It is very reasonable to say that this division will be won by cleaning up on the divisional games.  Arod and HD have shown that they are very capable of taking down their divisional peers, Bacon and Drama, any given Sunday. A good majority of Arods season 2 wins were against his division.  HD shown similar patterns during a more successful season 1 campaign. 

To take it a step further, the scheduling favors Arod and HD.  When we look aside from playing against the AFC East and NFC South, the equal-leveled, non-common opponent portion of the schedule brings in the Broncos, Jaguars for Arod. HD plays against similar field of opponents in Colts and Raiders.  Very winnable games for both coaches. 

The Ravens will play Titans, Chargers in non-common opponents.  The Steelers will take on the Texans and Chiefs.  These are non-guaranteed games for both coaches.  If Arod and HD could finish strong within the division, take care of their winnable non-common opponents, this bold prediction may very well end up being a realistic narrative.  Someone tell me differently…

AFC South: 9-7, 9-7, 9-7

NFL Draft: AFC South Team Needs / CommMedia / Donald P. Bellisario College  of Communications at Penn State

I boldly predict 3 teams finish 9-7 in the AFC south.  Can I pick who will win the division, no I cannot, and I will not try.  These are 4 of the closest group of skill levels you will ever be able to categorize together, and as fate has it, they are all grouped into one division.  As always, this is a fun division to watch because of the talent level, and the fact that it will always be a 4-team race going late into the season.   I anticipate this going down to the wire and the division possibly sneaking two teams into the playoffs.  They have a balanced schedule this season as they welcome the AFC West and NFC East.  Win their AFC West games, and scrap and claw in their NFC East games.  The runt of the liter here will be determined by who fails to keep up with the NFC East portion of the schedule.  Keep an eye on this race, it is sure to be hot right out the gate. 

Ah okay, I know I can’t leave you guys hanging.  Ill take a shot at this and double up on my prediction…

Texans: 9-7, Colts 9-7, Titans 9-7, Jaguars 6-10

NFC North: Sends three teams to the playoffs, you can book it!

NFC North Roster Comparison - Daily Norseman

This is going to be another fun division to keep an eye on.  Look for 3 teams to finish with above 10 wins, while sending the NFC representative to the Super Bowl.  The Lions and Vikings are true perennial Super Bowl contenders year in and year out as we know.  Cookie seems to be in a better place right now in terms of his roster and has finally put them in a position where he could return to the Super Bowl and compete with the villainous heels of the AFC.  On the contrary, the Vikings are hungry.  The critics are out and ZStar is ready to silence them this season after going down earlier than expected last season.  You may not see this as a bold statement, but when you look at their schedule, you may see why.  NFC North will play the AFC East and NFC East this season.  Two of the true powerhouse divisions in PML.  No easy wins on either slate.  Getting lost in the thick of things will be the Packers.  Anticipate them having a tough go at it on his first season in PML, winning 2 or 3 games this season, ultimately helping distribute some wins to his divisional peers.  Look for Cookie, ZStar, and LQ to hold their own this season against a very competitive schedule and get their shot at the post season.  Book it!

NFC South: Panthers finish with 11 wins, make a run at the NFC #1 seed

Through The Spyglass: Looking at the NFC South Week One

Hey why not?  JT can finally breathe this season with a very generous schedule.  On top of playing his own division which are very winnable games for him, he will circle his games against the NFC west as well.  Aside from the Cowboys and Ravens, every game on the Panthers schedule could be a potential win if JT comes out prepared and ready to utilize his weapons.  Fields, 86, superstar, seems ready to take the next steps towards becoming the franchise X-factor player JT drafted him to be.  They have a true shut down defensive line anchored by Burns, Brown, and Gross-Matos, with a Shaq Thompson playing right behind them.  Donte Jackson and his 97 speed give him a security blanket on 1-on-1 coverage against the leagues fastest.  We cant forget about 99 overall X-factor Christian McCaffrey (98 carry & 82 catch).  The speed will be all over the field for this team.  There are two burning questions for this to become a reality. Can JT put the pieces together and make this long awaited run?  We have seen flashes of it before, but is it finally his time?  Secondly, the play of the new Saints coach is a big question mark.  Will he stop JT from achieving PML success?  Only time will tell- stay tuned…