NFC Bold Predictions

King Mike’s Bold Predictions

Goose wins 10+ games

Goose and his Cardinals went 5 and 1 against his NFC West division, which is great. Only problem is he lost EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. scheduled outside of the NFC West. Well… not quite. He did beat the Jags. In season 3 the NFC West will match up against AFC West and NFC South. Look for the Cardinals to win some of those games. Goose has found his offensive identity. Add that to the number 1 pass defense and Goose might have finally played his Cards right into the playoffs. 

Cookie misses playoffs second straight season

One of PML most successful coaches missed the playoffs for the first time and his road back to another Super Bowl championship does not get any easier in Season 3. The Lions and the rest of the NFC North will face off against the AFC East and NFC East next season. By taking on the Lions Cook knew he would be in for a challenge rebuilding this terrible team. In the past the trade market has been good to coach Cook. This year… not so much. It will take an amazing season for Cook to make it into the playoffs, one he is capable of doing. However, this time I think it may be a little too tough.  

Giants make the playoffs… Barkley edges out Allen for MVP

It’s the Return of the Bounce! The Dive Bounce! Coach Que will make the playoffs in season 3 by returning back to his roots. Daniel Jones may turn into a superstar this offseason, so there will be no need to develop him further during the regular season. Therefore, Saquan Barkley will be unleased and as long as he stays healthy will terrorize the league. Barkley will be in the MVP discussion and Que will have the Giants rolling. Motivated by doubt and energized by a few chat rivals the Giants will be leaning on opponents next season. 

Panthers make the playoffs!

JT normally doesn’t kick it into postseason gear until around season 4. That will change as the Panthers will bring it all together for a early cycle playoff push. JT has his franchise QB and his 10 running backs ready to roll. If those custom blitzes he is known to draw up start getting him we may even see a division title in NC

Football team reps NFC and goes to Superbowl

The Football Team is already overachieving in the first 2 PML seasons. His team will continue to get better and make a run all the way to the championship game. Will TBandit get his first PML championship? I don’t know but I think he has a great shot at winning the NFC in season 3.

KMFO’s Bold Predictions

Giants win the NFC East and get the #1 seed in the NFC

Daniel Jones is the best QB in the NFC and that will show next season. This is a team that has been overmatched by almost everyone they played, but still managed to finish out the season 8-1 in their final 9 games. I expect them to carry that momentum into next season and win a very tough division. All they need to do is make a few big signings and land a couple quality rookies so that they can match up with the loaded rosters of the NFC East

The Rams make the playoffs

The tank is over! Now, I don’t want to speculate that the Rams tanked, but when a new head coach takes over an 0-9 team on a long term contract, there likely isn’t a strong motivation to turn things around in those last 7 games. The Rams were very competitive though with some of the NFC’s best teams. Bo needs to figure out his quarterback situation and also scheme his defense to take advantage of the best DT/DE and CB in the game. There is no reason that with some good coaching and a season full of motivation behind this new coach that the Rams won’t be making it to the dance next season.

The NFC North has a down season, only sends 1 to the playoffs (plays the AFC East and NFC East)

Now, I don’t think the NFC North is going to get worse. These coaches are very solid with good rosters. But the NFC North doesn’t have young teams, these are rosters loaded with old superstars, and they’re going to have to face the entire AFC East next season. Because of this tough schedule, along with beating each other up twice a season, I just don’t see more than 1 team making it through the year with a good enough record to make the playoffs.

Falcons win the NFC South

Somebody get this man some talent! The Falcons are a desolate franchise, but their coach can make something happen. He has showed great promise with very little to work with on his roster, so if he can find a way to have a great offseason and bring in some key players, then the Falcons can takeover this weak division that lost its head coach for their only playoff team in 2021.

NFC West finishes with 3 teams with a winning record

I’m kind of joking but kind of not. The NFC West has a favorable schedule playing the AFC West next season. These coaches are also all getting better and their rosters in the West are young and talented. I can see the Cardinals, Rams, and the 49ers or Seahawks being able to really turn things around next season and put up 9+ wins.