AFC Bold Predictions

King Mike’s Bold Predictions

AFC North eats itself alive

AFC North is one of the most balanced divisions in PML in terms of competition. Season 3 will prove to be more of the same. These teams are familiar with each other and I don’t see a clear top squad rising to the top. Look for a lot of split records between each other in season 2. Ravens had the highest rated team, but age and salary cap will start to even things out. We will have to wait and see who claims the division. 

AFC East will send 3 to the playoffs

The AFC East will return back to its beastly form and send 3 teams into the PML playoffs. Look for the Bills to become the clear favorite to win the division with the Patriots right on their heels. The Dolphins will bounce back from a lackluster season 2. Someone have questioned the strategy of developing young talent in Miami. Did it cost them a wasted season? We will see come season 3. And what of the Jets? Again, another question we will have to wait and see. 

Colts win the AFC South

He has the running back. He has the offensive line. He has the defense. I believe he has the know how to close out close games. Grenny had a tough season 2, but if you look closely, he was never blown out in any game and had a chance to win pretty much all of the games he lost. If the Colts can clean up some of their self-inflicted wounds and begin closing out 4th qtrs, you will begin to see a team that is tough to beat. Going into season 3 look for the Colts to truly accept their playstyle and run their way into their first division title
Chargers lose one game in division

HypeMike doesn’t lose to many regular season games. He never loses division games. That will change in season 3. Not because the his division mates have gotten better, it will be because of a let down from the Toxic one himself. Young Mike will win this division in his sleep but mark my words… he will get caught sleeping during one of his division match ups and will drop one game. Outside of that one game HypeMike will continue to dominate and will be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time. 

Josh Allen puts on the most dominate QB exhibition shown thus far in PML history

KMFO enter PML with some fan fare. He has lived up to it and more. Showcasing a dominate offense the likes of which we have not seen as far as Quarterback play goes. Season 3 we will see exactly how dominate his virtual QB skills are. He will have his custom playbook and a full season to put on a show. Look for Josh Allen to be at the top of every statical category and make a push for MVP. His Bills team will also find plenty of success behind the gaudy numbers. Will it be enough to get a PML championship?

KMFO’s Bold Predictions

The Ravens get even better 

Despite the popular opinion of members around the league that say the best chance for the Ravens to win a Super Bowl was in 2021, I think they’ll actually just get better. The core of this team is very young and still going to get better. Especially this offense, which is lead by Lamar Jackson, JK Dobbins, Marquise Brown, and Myles Boykin. All guys who are under 25 years old and will all be on their rookie contract again next season. The Ravens actually have very little money tied up on offense since so many of their biggest contributors are on rookie deals for at least 1 more year. The biggest loss will be Calais Campbell if he retires. Von Miller is still going to play at a pro bowl rate next year, and their rookie edge rusher Monty Rice is ready to pick up any slack in the pass rush. Combine that with the young superstars at MLB and CB in Patrick Queen and Marlon Humphrey along with rookie sensation FS Javon Holland, this is going to be another stellar defense. The Ravens will also have the cap space for 1 more season to be aggressive in filling the hole left by Campbell if he retires, and this team will be a force in the playoffs next season.

Dolphins win 12 games

The Dolphins came alive at the end of the season, showing promise of a new balanced offense with the breakout of Tua Tagovailoa. Once thought to be a run first team, an injury to Breida forced Tua to take the reigns of the offense and he didn’t miss a beat. Tua finished as the AFC QB of the Year, and with a guy like that behind center you have to expect them to win a lot of games. The Dolphins also invested the last season in developing a lot of young talent, so look for that to payoff next year.

Chargers finish undefeated in the regular season

The Chargers almost did it this year, finishing 14-2. And they will be much better next season, as Herbert has developed into an elite QB, Ekeler will be back healthy, and the young receiving core featuring Gafford as one of the league’s fastest players will be even better. The biggest reason the Chargers won’t lose a regular season game is because they play their own weaker conference 2 times each, the entire NFC West, and the AFC South next season. Not to say there aren’t some tough matchups there, but those 3 conferences that make up 14 of their games next season combined to only have 1 team other than the Chargers finish with winning records in 2021. The Chargers will be unstoppable next season.

Patriots take the season to focus on stats and development, but still win 11+ games.

The Patriots have a good roster, but not a great roster. They have some of the best players in the league and that secondary will forever be lockdown, but that offense and defensive line need a boost. The offense will forever be limited as long as Newton is the QB because his consistency can’t be relied on. Look for the Patriots to invest in a young QB and spend the season trying to develop him. This won’t mean it’s a wasted year though, but it might cost the Patriots a few games they would have otherwise won. Next season won’t be easy for the AFC East either as they will face the NFC North next year.

Kwity Paye breaks the NFL single season sack record

Paye only started 10 games last season and finished with 18.5 sacks. Let that sit with you for a moment. He didn’t even play any significant defensive reps in the first 6 games until the new coaching staff showed up. Then, he absolutely wrecks the league and leads the NFL in sacks. With a full season as the starter and another year of development for the young rookie, I predict we will see him surpass the sack record with ease.