Eagles Season Overlook

The Philadelphia Eagles went 5-10-1 last season, securing the 10 overall pick. With that pick they were able to secure key rookies in positions of need. Due to these rookies the Eagles were able to sure up a rush defense that was last in the league. On the backs of their defense and running backs, the Eagles won 6 more games this season, ending with a 11-5 record, a playoff spot, and a playoff win.  They could possibly be the best comeback team this season. 

The offense rebounded to become a top running team in the league. As long as no one retires, they will bring back every starting player on their offensive roster. With all of their players coming back, they will be able to work on the things that plagued them this season. Wentz’s turnovers were brought down from 46 to 30 but will need to come down even more next season. The fact that Wentz will have consistency with his offensive weapons should help. The Eagles offense is set at quarterback and wide receiver as they have good starters with quality backups. While Miles Sanders is a great running back, the Eagles will need to find another running back in the draft to make sure Sanders gets the breaks that he needs. The offensive line is one of the best in the league, especially the right side,however, they are also one of the oldest. If one of the lineman retires this will leave a major hole in the offensive line. The Eagles will have a little bit of money to spend in free agency and they will look to get a quality center or guard as an insurance policy. 

The Eagles defense went from one of the worst rushing defenses and best passing defense to one of the best rushing defenses and one of the worst passing defenses. They let up a lot of yards through the air, however, did not let their opponents score touchdowns. They were a top ten defense in points given up. The Eagles will keep most of their players on defense but are still undecided on resigning defensive end Graham or not. Graham had one of the worst seasons of his career but he still has all the measurables to be a force in this league. The Eagles management are weighing if it is worth it to give him the big contract he wants or to save their money and find a cheaper replacement. The Eagles linebacking core and defensive backs are all young for the most part and will be able to get better this offseason. The Eagles will look to find depth for all their defensive positions. 

After all of the cuts and resigns after the superbowl, the Eagles should officially have around 20 millions on 6 million in free space. This free space depends on if they resign defensive end Graham. If they resign Graham, they will look to add a minimal amount of free agencys, with the possibility of adding none. If Graham is not re-signed, the Eagles will look at moving defensive tackle Hargave to defensive end. They will then look in free agency to see if any superstar players are interested in coming to Philadelphia. 

In the draft the Eagles will be looking to take the best player available when their pick is in. With this luxury they don’t have to worry about taking someone with a high pick that may not be right for that spot. Some of the positions that they will be looking at specifically will be offensive line, defensive line and corner back. The offensive and defensive line are both filled with superstar players,however, they are older in nature. If they are able to get quality picks in these positions, they can have their rookies learn from the superstar veteran players.  Overall, it was a great season for the Eagles, however, their goal now is to get to and win the Superbowl.