Divisional Round: Just A Tad To The Right

The NFC East sent three teams to the playoffs, and now three teams to the divisional round. The NFC East was the only division that ended the season with all 4 teams at a winning record. After defeating the Seattle Seahawks last week in the wildcard round, the Eagles moved on to face off against the Washington Football Team in the Divisional round. The Football Team defeated the Eagles twice this season, in week 3 and 7. The Eagles were looking to bring their best game and finally get a win over the Football Team. 

The Eagles game plan coming into this game was to run the ball and limit the big plays of the Football Team. Mclaurin had a great season and he is the Football Team’s greatest threat on offense. Cornerback Slay was moved to the second slot in order to guard Mclaurin. This game started off bad for the Eagles as their first two possessions were horrific. They were sacked pretty quickly on both possessions which lead to them  being forced into punts. The Football Team capitalised on these as they scored on both of their possessions, giving them a 10-0 lead. As the Football Team was in the red zone, going to take an even more commanding lead, Mclaurin fumbled giving the Eagles the break that they needed. On their next possession, Wentz would get sacked into the endzone, resulting in a 12-0 lead for the Football, also giving them the ball. 

After halftime the Eagles would finally get onto the board, thanks in part to Carson Wentz. The Football Team keyed in on Miles Sanders so Wentz was forced to take the game over. Wentz found all the right spots in the defense, bringing the Eagles back in the fourth quarter and giving them the lead 21-18. The Eagles defense played for the pass which resulted in Love and Gibson rushing the ball into Eagles territory. After getting into Eagles territory, the Football Team took a shot down field which should have resulted in an interception, except safety Lecounte dropped an easy untouched interception. After this play, the Football team would score a touchdown and give them the lead with a minute left. Wentz would respond by hitting Reagor down the field where he would get out of bounds at the 15 yard line of the Football Team. After getting to third down, Wentz would then attempt to score by rolling right and throwing to a wide open player in the endzone. This should have been an easy touchdown but  the ball led too far right forcing him out of bounds. On the next play, Wentz would throw to Sanders who was inches short on fourth down, ending the game. The Eagles had two plays that should have been completed and they would have one the game. Had Lecounte caught the interception, the Eagles could have wasted almost all of the time left. Had Wentz made the easy touchdown pass, they would have basically won with just seconds left.  The Eagles entire roster could be seen holding their heads down after the game. After the game Coach Skellington was asked how his team was feeling and he responded with “ Our whole team is disgusted, we had the chance to win and we failed.” 

The Football Team did their scouting and focused on the strength of the Eagles. They kept Sanders in check as he ended the game with 39 yards on only 12 attempts. Wentz showed that he can lead the team, throwing for 3 touchdowns and 364 yards on 30 attempts. His one mistake was a 50/50 ball to Ertz that was led the wrong way. Wentz showed that he has what it takes to continue to be the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.  This offense will bring back all of their starting players and will look to be a top offense next season. 

The Eagles defense played well the entire game except for their last drive. A dropped interception and a touchdown let up was the difference for them. Had they forced the turnover, the Eagles would be in the conference championship. The Eagles had a great season. After going 5-10-1 last season, no one expected the Eagles to compete this season. They will look at going into the off season and replace some of their aging veterans. Coach Skellington will be brought back for the 2022 season. 


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