Eagles 2021 Position Breakdown Part 4 : Linebacker And Defensive Back

This is the fourth and last part in the Philadelphia Eagles 2021 roster mini series where we take a look at and  break down the Philadelphia Eagles 2021 roster position by position. We will take a look at each position’s statistics for the 2021 season as well as go over the good and the bad within each position. 

Eagles 2021 Position Breakdown : Linebacker


 If there was one position on the Eagles entire roster that needed an upgrade for the 2021 season it was their linebacking core. The Eagles brought in rookie linebacker Moses to anchor the defense. Moses has done that and so much more. Moses was a bonafide superstar out of the gate, and was in the running for defensive rookie of the year. He is the leader of this team and will be the number one linebacker for years to come. 

The rest of the linebackers all had similar stats but another rookie, Moody played very well when he was called in. Moody has the size and speed you need at linebacker but his zone coverage needs to be worked on in the offseason. Moody will be shifted into a starting role as veteran linebacker Williams will no longer be on the team. 

Taylor is a fast linebacker that didn’t have many statistical plays but came up big when he was in the game. His 91 speed allows the Eagles to do multiple things on defense. He can cover every tight end in the game, as well as some receivers. When he was called upon, he stepped up both in the run and in the pass. Taylor will continue to start for the defense, but like Moody will need to work on his zone coverage in the offseason. Williams played well for his final season in Philadelphia but his age and regression made him an easy cut. 

Eagles 2021 Position Breakdown : Defensive Back 

D.Slay Jr4616110
M.Jackson Sr3308013
R.Mcleod Jr2613001

The Eagles defense let up a lot of yards in 2021, however, when the time came they were able to limit the amount of points that opponents put up on them. This was thanks to a multitude of defense backs. The Eagles as a whole were top in the league for intercepting the ball. This interception wealth was shared between Maddox, Jackson Sr, Slay Jr, and rookie safety Lecounte. Both Maddox and Jackson had 8+ interceptions with at least 3 of them going for touchdowns. 

Maddox is the Eagles second corner and usually faces off against the opposing team’s best corner. He responded well this season after having a bad season last season. He ended up as the Eagles best corner and earned a spot in the pro bowl. His speed makes it hard for teams to go deep on him, however to keep up with the way of the league, he will need to increase his man coverage in the offseason. 

Slot corner Jackson Sr was the surprise of the season for the Eagles as he was only on the field for passing downs but still managed to be second on the team in interceptions. His play outweighed any concerns the Eagles had about him coming into the season. He will stay as the eagles slot corner for the upcoming season, but if he works on his man coverage we could see him play more in the upcoming season. 

The Eagles needed a safety and took Lecounte at the top of the second round. Lecounte has surpassed all expectations the Eagles had for him. Lecounte played so well this season, he was also in the running for defensive rookie of the year. His progression and play has given the Eagles a pair of safeties that will last them a long time. 


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