Eagles 2021 Position Breakdown Part 3 : Offensive Line And Defensive Line

This is the third part in the Philadelphia Eagles 2021 roster mini series where we take a look at and  break down the Philadelphia Eagles 2021 roster position by position. We will take a look at each position’s statistics for the 2021 season as well as go over the good and the bad within each position. 

Eagles 2021 Position Breakdown : Offensive Line 

B.Brooks      0      16768
J.Driscoll      05214

The Eagles offensive line is highly rated, sporting three of the best lineman in the league.  Kelce, Brooks, and Johnson are all top 5 in the league at their respective positions. They give the Eagles a wall in the middle and right side of the line. They all three have played very well this season, with Johnson being the only one of the three to give up sacks. Being that they all have played very well, they all were in the running for best offensive lineman in the NFC. Both Brooks and Johnson have played every game but the main problem with Kelce is his inability to stay healthy. Kelce has been hurt a lot this season, mostly missing the rest of games but he had a major injury the later part of the season that knocked him out for 3 games.  Brooks and Johnson played well enough to be voted into the Pro Bowl. 

The left side of the Eagles line consists of two very young players with both players ending the season on the opposite end of the spectrum statistically speaking.  Left Guard Seumalo played very well this season only giving up 1 sack this season. Left Tackle Dillard has struggled this season. He is easily the worst offensive lineman on the Eagles and consistently needs help in order to not get beat. He will need to work on his pass blocking in the offseason or run the risk of being replaced by Right Guard Driscoll who played well in the 5 games he started this season. All 5 starters on the offensive line are expected to keep their spots going forward into the 2022 season. 

Eagles 2021 Position Breakdown : Defensive Line 


The Eagles defensive line is one of the best in the league. All 4 starting lineman are over 80 overall, however, haven’t played like it all season. The only consistent lineman has been Fletcher Cox who won best defensive lineman of the year for the NFC. Cox, has been a menace all season racking up over 14 sacks, even overcoming double teams to make the sack. Brandon Graham had a great season in 2021 and was awarded with the status of superstar, however, his play has not reflected that. Graham’s sack total is nowhere near his 9 sacks last season and his underperformance is one of the reasons he has not been re-signed yet. The Eagles are waiting until the offseason to determine if they want to resign Graham or not. 

Barnett, who is not a superstar has a better season than Graham and has been generating a lot of buzz in the Philadelphia locker room. He only had 5 sacks this season but it was good for second on the team. Barnett needs to focus on his block shedding in the off season, if he wants to take his game to the next level. Hargrave, has played the least amount of snaps out of the 4 but  he has made a difference when he has been in the game. If Graham isn’t re-signed in the off-season, rumors have it that Hargrave will be changed to an end for the 2022 season. Hargrave has all the tools to play on the outside, and could be heard saying,” I don’t care where i play, just give me a chance.”


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