Eagles 2021 Position Breakdown Part 1 : Quarterback and Running Back

This will be a mini series where we take a look at and  break down the Philadelphia Eagles 2021 roster position by position. We will take a look at each position’s statistics for the 2021 season as well as go over the good and the bad within each position. 

NameComp/AttComp %YardsTDsINTsLongRating
NameComp/AttComp %YardsTDsINTsLongRating

Carson Wentz has had a mediocre season by looking at his statistics. He ranks in the bottom 15 of the league when it comes in terms of passing attempts, completions, completion percentage, passing yards,  and passing touchdowns. Even though Wentz has 30+ interceptions, he is actually in the bottom 15 of the league for interceptions thrown. Wentz ended the 2020 season with 46 interceptions thrown, so he did a good job at bringing that outrageous number down.  He was a good game manager for the Eagles, while making plays when he needed to. In some of the games this season, the games were lost purly thanks to the interceptions thrown but the Eagles second half surge was in part due to Wentz limiting his turnovers. Wentz will continue to be the starting quarterback for the Eagles in the 2022 season where he will be determined to get his interceptions thrown number down. 

Jalen Hurts has not played for the second season and that is in part due to the success of Carson Wentz. Wentz has not gotten injured either so the Eagles coaching staff have not felt the need to put him in the game. Hurts has quietly been improving his game and learning from sitting behind the veteran Wentz. Teams have been asking the Eagles if Hurts is available for trade, and rumors have it that he could be the starting quarterback on another team in the 2022 season. 

Eagles 2021 Position Breakdown : Running Back 

NameAttemptsYardsLongBroken TacklesTDsFumbles

Miles Sanders had the breakout season that the Eagles coaching staff knew he could. When Sanders was drafted, he was envisioned as the do it all back of the future. Sanders proved that this vision was true and more. Sanders has played like a superstar this season and should be rewarded with abilities. He ranks 4th in attempts, 6th in yards, 10th in broken tackles, and 2nd in touchdowns. Sanders’ play won him the NFC offensive player of the year and best running back awards in the NFC. Sanders did have 2 fumbles this season, but even that was as bad compared to the rest of the league. 

Sanders was the reason that the Eagles had a winning record this year. He took over most games ,coming up big in rushing and receiving. When the Eagles had to have a play, it was usually Sanders who made the play. Sanders will be the forsure number back in Philadelphia for a long time. Sanders will be looking to improve upon his numbers in the 2022 season and could be heard saying, “ I want to be the next 2000 yard rusher.”

Jason Huntley played sparingly in most games. He is a reliable back that the Eagles coaching staff will keep for the 2022 season. Huntley does need to work on his average per carry as his current average would not suffice if he was the starting back. Huntley is the smaller speedy back that the Eagles coaching staff likes to use. They feel comfortable that if Sanders went down, Huntley would step right in without a problem.