2022 Atlanta Falcons Draft Capital

One year removed from producing 7 picks in the 2021 draft class. The Atlanta Falcons will go into the 2022 draft with at least 11 selections.

Here are the Eleven Picks:

Round 1, Pick 4

Round 1, Pick 12(IND)

Round 1, Pick 21(PIT)

Round 2, Pick 36

Round 2, Pick 45(MIA)

Round 2, Pick 53(PIT)

Round 3, Pick 68

Round 3, Pick 76(IND)

Round 5, Pick 132

Round 6, Pick 164

Round 7, Pick 196

With the amount of day 1 and 2 picks the Falcons have the possibilities are endless. The Falcons have already been in talks with teams around the league on acquiring more draft capital. It is also rumored that Atlanta is shopping pick 21 for more picks. It is unlikely that Atlanta would trade picks for players since they shopped guys to create cap space. Atlanta has also been rumored to have reached out to the Browns for pick 6, The Jets for pick 3 and the Colts for pick 33 and 44. Atlanta has been aggressive this season and doesn’t show signs of slowing down as the try to re tool and compete for the NFC South.