Four bold predictions for PML wild-card weekend: Steelers stun Patriots, Bubba’s sweet revenge vs. Bills and more!

It is that time of the season ladies and gentlemen.  PML playoff madness is upon us!  Six matchups all in a span of 2 days is sure to stir up the PML landscape.  I am here to make 4 BOLD prediction that you should be ready for. Lets get into it…

Drama vs. The Natural
  1. Steelers upset the Patriots… by double digits!

Eat, sleep, breathe, Nat. Eat, sleep, breathe, Nat.  Over the past few months that has been the absolute mindset of one Dramaman.  The Steelers coach has not been shy about his desire to become the new face of PML.  In fact, he has even made videos claiming to be the only person capable of dethroning The Natural.  Well luckily for Drama, the PML gods have listened and granted him his one true wish.  A playoff matchup vs the Patriots! That could not have worked out any better for the PML community- must-see TV at its finest.  Time for Drama to put his money where his mouth is step up to the plate and back up all the talk he has done this cycle.  As The Natural has looked a bit more vulnerable this season, losing 2 games, and winning a handful by one score or less, Drama man does his homework and finds a way to slow down Cam Newton and company to not only pull off the upset, but by 10 or more points.  You heard it first here, Drama backs up the drama!

Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens Match Up History |
Fallen vs. Bacon
  1. Texans and Ravens combined for over 100 points

Believe it or not, I believe the Texans revisit what made them successful in the 2020 season and go back to the devasting air raid which brought great success and some monster stat lines last season.  To hang in this game, they will have to keep up with the big play abilities of Bacon and his Ravens.  Although he hasn’t shown much of it this season, opting to feed the ground attack, Fallen can air it out with the best of them.  DaddyLeagues official over/under is set at 63.  Both teams are in the top 10 in points per game.  The Ravens haven’t played a meaningful game the second half of the season as they have been in complete control of the division. The rust should be evident. With that in mind, I see Fallen coming out with his foot on the gas to match the potential firepower of Bacon’s Ravens.  Both coaches will force throws and give up big defensive touchdowns.  Trading touchdowns will be the name of the game here.  Put it all together, I predict over 100 points scored between both teams.  Book it!

Cowboys vs. Saints: Sunday Preview ✭
Ceo vs Deant
  1. Cowboys blow out Saints at Superdome by 20+; Saints early success confirmed to be fake news

There was once a time Saints looked like a legit contender in the NFC.  After starting the season 7-2, the Saints dropped 6 of their last 7 to finish at .500 while still taking a charitable playoff opportunity from a struggling NFC South division.  The two teams squared off week 17 in a playoff preview as the Cowboys manhandled the Saints 34-10.  I don’t expect any different on Wildcard Saturday when the teams meet for a rematch.  Rightfully so, the Cowboys are 7-point road favorites according to Daddy League.  I fully anticipate CEO, the PML veteran, to control the game with his league leading rushing attack from the start and cruise to a 20+ point victory over PML rookie DEANTHETHIRD.  Look for late Saint turnovers to bust the score open.

Poll: How do you rate the Titans performance against the Bills?
Bubba vs KMFO
  1. Bubbas sweet revenge!

Yes, the two played week 14, and yes to the naked eye, the Bills destroyed the Titans 45-16.  Sometimes you must read between the lines of a box score to see the bigger picture.  This was a 21-16 game going into the 4th quarter.  In fact, the game was an enjoyable chess match to those who enjoy good, clean strategic football.  As we all seen, Bubba had a 4th quarter meltdown and the rest was history. I lost content points betting on Titans, but in the end it was an enjoyable game to watch for 3 quarters.   Well, that is the good part about history?  You learn from your mistakes.  I fully expect Bubba to come back stronger, hungrier, and determined to put respect back into his name and let the rookie coach know that its not his time yet.  Bills enter the game with the #1 passing attack in PML, going up against Bubbas #4 passing defense.  Titans must play a clean game to pull off the upset as the Bills defense is top 5 in all categories.  Control the game and clock with Henry, avoid turnovers, and contain the Bills passing attack.  Titans will roll to the divisional round in the wildcard upset.