GOTW Preview – Giants vs Eagles – Week 17

Giants (9-6) vs Eagles (10-5)

Playoff Scenarios: 

NFC East Division Title:

-Eagles secure the NFC East with a win + Washington loss

-Football Team secures the NFC East with a win

-Dallas secures the NFC East with Eagles and WFT loss

NFC Wildcard scenarios

-Eagles: in with a Win or tie with Giants

-Giants in with Win + Lions loss

-Lions in with: win + Eagles loss

Previous Matchup and Common Opponents:

  • Week 6: NYG 54 – 14 PHI
  • Week 15: NYG 28 – 18 WAS
  • Week 7: NYG 31 – 41 WAS 
  • Week 9: NYG 10 – 61 DAL
  • Week 15: PHI 30 – 26 DAL
  • Week 14: NYG 37 – 34 TB
  • Week 16: PHI 30 – 28 TB

Tale of the Tape for the Giants:

  • 2-6 record vs .500+ opponents 
  • -6.8 average point differential vs .500+ opponents
  • 3rd in Offensive Total Yards
  • 4th in Passing Yards
  • 16th in Rushing Yards
  • 5th in average points scored (39)
  • 8th in fewest yards allowed
  • 6th in Passing Defense
  • 16th in Rushing Defense
  • 14th in fewest points allowed (30)
  • Jones has a 121.1 QB Rating
  • 4 receivers on pace for 800+ yard seasons
  • Barkley has 1351 rushing yards and 18 TDs
  • Bradberry has 13 INTs, 2nd most in the league. 

Goose’s Players to watch for the Giants

• Saquan Barkley. The offensive attack of the Giants starts with their X-Factor halfback; despite the respectable big arm of DJ4K. Going into this afternoon’s game, his numbers sit at 6.76 yards per carry on 200 attempts. Combine that number with his receiving contributions of 9.74 per on just 50 catches. His effectiveness in this game on early downs will set the pace for the Giants’ offense.

• DJ4K. Going into tonight’s game, Jones’ QBR of 121.1 puts him in the top 2 amongst starting Quarterbacks in the league. His ability to spread the ball efficiently has shown as he has 3 receivers better than 800 yards on the season. His production on the field today will be a focus for fans, enthusiast analyst.

• James Bradberry IV. The weight of the Giants’ playoff future rests on his efforts. In this must-watch NFC bEast match-up, Philly wideouts are lining up against the 5-year veteran who currently has 13 picks, 15 deflections, and only 4 catches allowed thru 16 games. Number #24 side of the field on defense will be analyzed and reviewed regularly throughout this game by the viewers and defensive coordinators alike.

Goose’s Keys to Victory for the Giants 

1.) Respect Saquan Barkley all game. Barkley’s presence on the field will not be enough to seal Sunday’s victory. Thru 16 games, Barkley only has 5 contests with 15 or more carries and only 6 with 5 or more receptions. Where the Giants sit on the scoreboard at the start of the 2nd half, will be determined by the number of opportunities he is given in the first 20 minutes of scrimmage.

2.) Putting points on the board. Although this is the obvious objection of any offense, our viewers should keep in mind the Eagles are only allowing 27 points on average.  The Giants need to have at least 17 points combined thru their first 4 offensive series. Offensive efficiency early will determine the pace of the late game.

3.) The Giants front 7 will have to get to Miles Sanders early and often in the backfield. Keeping his carries to 4 & 5 yards per will be pivotable. When ranked amongst backs with less than 300 carries thru 16 weeks, Sanders sits at number 5. Coming into week 17 he has only fumbled twice while he has broken 31 tackles. To put that in perspective, for every time he has fumbled on an attempt he broke 16 tackles prior. The Giants must contain him for today’s victory.

KMFO’s interview with Giants Head Coach, Big Queso:


Last time you matched up with the Eagles in week 6, you came away with a 54-14 victory. What are some of your focuses coming into this week as you try to repeat the same result as last time?


Honestly, I don’t think that game holds too much weight because we’re playing a different Eagles team. DJ threw 2 picks to start the game off and, and the Eagles returned the favor by throwing back 8 of their own. We have some solid veterans on defense that keep us energized. Although, I don’t think this outing will be as sloppy for either teams…I expect it to be much more of a chess match. Through scouting we’ve observed the Eagles going to a more run/check down based offense which isn’t the same scheme we saw before. Despite the change to their scheme…we aren’t too worried about what they’ll do, but more so focused on playing our game from the first kick off. If we play Giants football , I like our chances.


This is a playoff game for you. If you lose, you are sitting on the couch watching the playoffs next week. However, a win doesn’t guarantee you a ticket to the dance either, as you also need the Lions to lose their week 17 game. How closely are you and your team focused on that Lions game? Is it a situation where if the Lions win, that you might be playing for the better draft pick, or are you just focused on taking care of what you can control and that’s winning?


Its very interesting watching how this playoff race is ending. It truly shows how every game is important here in PML. From the fumbled 28-7 leads, to the one point losses against divisional rivals. The only thing being preached in the locker room is the game in front of us against the Eagles. Unfortunately, we are not in control of our own destiny. The only way for the Lions to have a shot at the playoffs is if the Giants lose, which makes week 17 even more monumental. We only have one goal: in the 4th quarter when this clock strikes 0:00;, we have more points than the other team. We’re not very interested in the draft. Go BIG or Go HOME.


The Eagles CB Avonte Maddox is the ultimate defensive playmaker. He not only has 8 interceptions, but he also has 5 defensive TDs. His ability to turn turnovers into 6 points is unmatched in the league. Are you preaching to Daniel Jones to throw away from Maddox, or are you just treating Maddox like any other CB?


That’s impressive. Statistics are nice, but we only fear Gawd. Maddox is great player , and he had a pick 6 in the last matchup on a bad read by Daniel Jones. DJ has had a great season and we are proud of his growth over the course of the last 16 weeks. We stand behind our leader and we have faith that he can take us to the promise land. If our receivers are in position, DJ will get the ball there no matter who the defender is. We’ve been preaching to DJ about battling adversity, and being patient in the pocket. He knows his time is limited with guys like Fletcher Cox breathing down his neck, but the game plan doesn’t change. There’s a reason he’s the best QB in the NFC.

Tale of the Tape for the Eagles:

  • 2-5 record vs .500+ opponents
  • -8.1 average point differential vs .500+ opponents
  • 26th in Offensive total yards
  • 26th in Passing Yards
  • 19th in Rushing Yards
  • 15th in average Points scores (32)
  • 12th in fewest yards allowed
  • 23rd in Passing Defense
  • 9th in a Rushing Defense
  • 8th in fewest points allowed (27)
  • Wentz has 21:30 TD to INT ratio
  • Sanders has 1623 rushing yards and 28 TDs
  • Cox has 13.5 sacks
  • Avonte Maddox has 5 DefTDs
  • Michael Jackson has 3 DefTDs
  • Maddox and Jackson combine for 16 INT

KMFO’s Players to Watch for the Eagles

  • Miles Sanders: The offense is only going to go as far as Sanders takes them. Wentz has been a long for the ride all season, and the best he can do is make sure he doesn’t turn the ball over too much. Sanders commands attention, especially in the Redzone with 28 rushing TDs so far on the season. 
  • Fletcher Cox: He is the baddest man in the league between the tackles. He currently leads all defensive tackles in sacks with 13.5, and this defense will need him apply consistent pressure on Daniel Jones as well as stuffing Barkley on the inside zone plays
  • Avonte Maddox: Maddox has 5 touchdowns on defense so far…FIVE! Some receivers are happy to have 5 touchdowns in a season and this man has done it at CB. He had a pick 6 in their first matchup with the Giants, so watch for him to be hungry for more in order to send his team to the playoffs.

KMFO’s Keys to Victory for the Eagles:

  • Hold New York under 30 points. So far this season, the Eagles haven’t won a game where their opponent has scored over 30. The Eagles need to sustain long drives to control the time of possession, and they can’t turn the ball over to give the Giants a short field. Make them earn their yards.
  • Run the football over and over again. The Eagles can’t get bored in this game. They have to trust what they do, and that’s grind it out on the ground. The Giants have a top passing defense but an average rushing defense, so the Eagles need to take advantage of this and not get away from it just because they have a few 2 or 3 yard carries.
  • Defensive Touchdowns. This defense can score, having 10 defensive touchdowns on the season so far, and 8 between their 2 CBs. In order to win the biggest game of their season, they’ll need this playmaking defense to come out once again with some big time touchdowns. 

KMFO’s Interview with Eagles Head Coach, Burn:


Playoffs are on the line in this game for you. If you win, you clinch a playoff spot. If you lose, your hopes of the playoffs are going to be riding on some other games around the league to go your way. Does that make this feel like a playoff game against the Giants? How is your team going to handle this pressure?


I am going into this game with the mentality of win or go home. Just like the Giants learned in the NFL you can’t count on any team but yourself. All I have to do is win the game and the playoff spot will be mine. This will be a tough game, versus a tough opponent. Starting in week 11 I have felt that every game was a playoff game, because if i would have lost even one of those games i wouldn’t have this opportunity. My team has handled the pressure well so far as we are on a 6 game winning streak, but i have a good feeling that as long as i can put them in a good position they will perform.


The last time you were on the field against the Giants, they dominated the scoreboard, winning 54-14. Granted, that was 10 games ago and a lot of things can change in that time span. So what has changed for your team and your gameplan to make sure things don’t go the same way they did last time?


Since that last game in week 6 my team has gone 7-2 in that span. In that first game the Giants took me out of my game plan early and I forced a lot of throws that weren’t there. In that game, I threw the most interceptions that I ever have and it forced me to go back and take a look at the way I handle my game plan when I get down early. I was able to gain confidence in my team when we were down and it has led to the current record we have. Carson Wentz had at least three throw out of sack interceptions in that game and it showed me that it’s okay to take the sack and live another down. This has led to Wentz only throwing 4 interceptions in the last 6 games, which has led to our 6 game winning streak.


Wentz isn’t exactly having a year to write home about. With 30 interceptions and 21 touchdowns, it’s been more of Miles Sanders offense so far this season. The Giants have the 6th ranked passing defense in the league but only the 16th ranked rushing defense, so are you going into the game with the idea to prioritize the run more and take the game out of Wentz’s hands?


Wentz has been playing well the last 6 games, but Miles Sanders has definitely been the workhorse of our season. Sanders took it upon himself to win games single handedly. Recently, teams have tried to stack the box and make Wentz beat them. I definitely want to get the run game going in this game but if the Giants want to stack the box, I have the receivers that can win in one on one coverage. This season we haven’t been much of a passing team but we have two receivers, Wallace and Coutee who are approaching 1000 yards this season. The game plan will be adjusted depending on what looks the Giants give, but one thing Wentz wont do is force the ball and throw 8 interceptions again.

Goose’s GOTW Prediction:

  • Giants 41 – Eagles 17
  • The Giants come into this NFC BEast matchup on a 6 game winning streak. This may seem promising, but the Eagles have not won a game in which their opponent scored more than 29 points. The explosive duo of DJ4K & Barkley will not be limited to 28 or fewer points in the Sunday afternoon matchup.

KMFO’s GOTW Prediction:

  • Giants 31 – Eagles 24
  • The Eagles use an offensive scheme that results in long drives. Lots of short throws, check downs, and a solid run game. This should shorten the game and keep it close, but I think the Giants are too good of a team and they’re hot right now if Daniel Jones takes care of the football.