PML Dev Gen Recap

PML Team

Dev Gen Awards

Number of Times Selected
49ersContent Points Coupon(2), Content Points3
BearsContent Points1
BengalsDev Boost(Performance), Content Points2
BillsContent Points(2), Attribute Points3
BuccsAttribute Points, Content Points2
CardinalsContent Points Coupon1
ChiefsContent Points1
CowboysContent Points(2)2
DolphinsAttribute Points(2)2
EaglesContent Points,Attribute Points2
Football TeamContent Points(2)2
GiantsContent Points(2), Attribute Points3
JaguarsContent Points(4), Attribute Points5
LionsContent Points, Attribute Points2
PackersContent Points1
PanthersContent Points1
PatriotsContent Points1
RaidersAttribute Points1
RavensContent Points1
SaintsContent Points1
SeahawksContent Points, Content Points Coupon2
SteelersContent Points, Content Points Coupon(2)3
TexansContent Points(2), Attribute Points3
TitansAttribute Points(2)2
VikingsDev Boost(Performance)1

The PML Dev Gen was introduced in Madden 20 and it grants three owners a chance at marvelous upgrades at every advance. There are over 40 possible options for what a coach may receive from the Dev Gen. Although there are a multitude of options, we only really saw the Dev Gen hand out four rewards this season; attribute points, performance dev boosts, content point coupons, and content points. The Dev Gen handed out content points as an award for roughly 74% of the time. The amount of content points ranged from .5 all the way to 30 points. The Dev Gen favoured the Jacksonville Jaguars the most, as the current Dev Gen King received 5 total rewards. The Jaguars owner received 13% of the total rewards handed out by the Dev Gen. Some owners were only chosen once and some weren’t favoured at all by the Dev Gen. The Broncos, Browns, Chargers, Colts, Falcons, Jets, and Rams were the seven teams that did not get selected at all by the Dev Gen.

The Dev Gen uses the sim score submission activity, content submission, user score, and chat activity in its selection process. The Jaguar’s owner does create content heavily and the Dev Gen rewarded him for it. For all of those owners that did not get selected this season, just continue creating content, being active in the chat,and submitting your sim scores!