2021 Atlanta Falcons Season Article 1

The 2021 season is finally finished, and it could not have come any faster. The Atlanta Falcons ended the season with a disappointing 4-12 record. Landing at the bottom of the NFC South standings. In the next couple articles will be looking at Big moves, Tough opponents, Stats, Draft capital and look back at the rookie class to see how they panned out.

              For our first article will look at our division rivals and how we faired with them. The Falcons ended the season with a division record of 3-3. Losing 1 game to the brand-new Saint’s user and 2 games to the Panthers. With a tough division it was crucial to win most of my division games. Going .500 was unacceptable and played a big role in losing the division.

We were able to beat the Bucs and secure the sweep of them this season. Honestly both games came down to the wire and a couple plays not going our way could have shifted the outcome. Coach DLloyd always come into the game with a tough game plan and adjust very well to what his opponent tries to accomplish. The Bucs have tons of weapons on both the offensive side of the ball and defensive side of the ball and I think what ended up being the outcome of us pulling off the victories against him was the regression of Old Man Tom Brady. I inevitably see the Bucs moving to a more mobile QB next season. This will be another challenge I will have to prepare for. All in all, I look forward to battling out with the Bucs yet again just hopefully we are competing for a spot in the playoffs.

The Saints coming into the 2021 PML season was a new user. He entered the league being talked up as a top dawg. Right out the gate he showed us he was here to stay with a last second stand to win against the Bucs. He dropped the ball against the Football team bout brushed it off and won 3 games straight entering our first game. I felt confident with film study that I knew what he brings into the game. For the most part I was correct. I played a lot of plays over aggressive on defense and got gashed. Made some dumb plays offensively and got very conservative after.  The game was closer than the score showed. Our 2nd game was a bit different. We saw more of Austin out of the backfield. We came into the 2nd game and played more disciplined on both side of the ball and were able to come away with the W. Saints is no doubt a middle to top tier user and will be tough to play now that he’s got his inaugural PML season under his belt.

The Panthers turned out to be my toughest division opponent. He added a mobile accurate QB in Justin Field and put together the White Rhinos in his backfield to compliment his already fast receiver core. With the additions of key guys he put together a great game plan in game one. Which ultimately had me playing catch up from start to finish. In our 2nd game I had a better handle on what to expect from the new and improved Panthers team and jumped out to a nice lead. JT made some phenomenal half time adjustments and made a great comeback. Next seasons matchups it will be crucial to make open field tackles as this hurt us in both games.

To sum up my Division all teams have loaded teams on both sides of the ball. All users are similar coach levels and adjust to one another’s game plans very well. Key to taking the division next season will be to mix up my game plans and minimize mistakes.