Eagles Resigns And Decisions

It’s that time of the season, players are looking out for themselves and wanting to discuss their future contracts. For the Eagles, they will finally have  cap space for this upcoming  season after spending the entirety of this season in the negative. The Eagles have already resigned two of their top free agents this season. In week 15, Tight End Ertz was given the 5 year $59.5M contract he was asking for. In week 16, Tight End Goedert was given the 4 year $30M contract he was asking for.  The Eagles will have to make decisions on the rest of their soon  to be free agent class which includes defensive ends Graham, Avery,Sweat, wide receivers Jeffery, and Jackson, free safety Mcleod, and linebackers Williams and Edwards. 

Word out of the Eagles locker room is that everyone but defensive end Graham will be let go at the end of the season. The Eagles currently have 19 million left in cap space after the tight end signings. Graham has been an important part of the Eagles roster this season and many in the locker room would be sad to see him go. When asked about the resigings the Eagles had left coach Skellington said, “ We are evaluating every player on our roster, and at the end of the season every player will be retained if they fit what we are looking for in Philadelphia.