The Seams are starting to show…

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The Seams are starting to show…

NFC Offensive POY

Looking at the NFC side of the League they will also have their own O-POY candidates. The frontrunner for the NFC on offensive player of the year is M.Sanders from the Eagles. At this point, the Eagles are 8-5 and he has ran for 1,415 yards on the ground with 25 rushing TDs. He also has 55 catches, 486 yards receiving and 3 receiving TDs. If they are going to make the playoffs and make a deep run they will need him to hit the next level and extend his lead for the OPOY.

Look at the next closest person that could challenge M.Sanders is A.Kamara of the Saints. He is one of the most well rounded backs and if things go his way he will be the NFC OPOY. He has been ballin’ running for 1,490 yards on the ground, 12 rushing TDs but, also 77 catches for 777 yards and 6 receiving TDs at this time. He has all the makings to over take M.Sanders and finish the season with a deep playoff run.

Honorable Mention:
HB- T.Cohen(Bears): (8-5), 1,577yds, 22rushTDs, 37rec, 333yds, 1recTD.

Another week… Another loss.., The Jags have hit the tough part of their schedule but, never imagined that they would be dropping games like flies. This lose is the worst loss the Jags have taken of the year and it seemed like they didn’t even stand a chance or even have a plan of action for the Bills. The Jags play the Pats week 15 and it does not look like the losing is done just yet.

Knowing that the Jags most likely have a lose week 15 vs the Pats, the sands of time for them to make the playoffs is down to the last hopes now. The Jags would need to win out, beating the Texans and the Seahawks.

NFC Defensive POY

Looking at the NFC Defensive side of things, this race will be close. Nonetheless, we looking at the top candidate so far in Lions Safety, W.Harris. He playing a solid all around game. 56 tackles, 5TFL, 2 sacks, 10INTs, 2 pass deflections, 2 forced fumbles, and 3 defensive TDs. Lions are fighting for a playoff spot and things will need to get higher for him to secure the award and get his team into the playoffs.

The top contender that is pushing W.Harris for the award is Cowboys MLB, L.Vander Esch. He has put up impressive numbers at this point of the season. He has 91 tackles, 4TFL, 1 sack, 9INTs, 11 pass deflections, and 1 forced fumble.

Honorable Mention:
SS- I.Simmons(Cards): (4-9), 91tackles, 1sack, 7INTs, 5 pass deflections, 4 forced fumbles, and 1 defensive TD.