Eagles Rookie Progress Report

For the past draft the Eagle had a high draft pick in pick 10. In order to make the most of this pick they had to draft the best players available. In this article we will take a look at how their rookies have been playing and we will see if they indeed did choose the right players.


Dylan Moses:  When the Eagles picked Moses as their first round pick, they had intentions on him being a superstar linebacker who would sure up the run defense. Moses has been better than expected and he hasn’t even reached his full potential.  Moses leads all rookies in tackles and is the main reason why the Eagles are in the top 10 for run defense. 


Richard Lecounte: The Eagles had a dire need for safety and gave up picking Sterns in the first round in favor of  selecting Moses. Lecounte fell to them and has been the steal of their draft. Lecounte has secured the other safety position, and is second on the Eagles in interceptions. Paired with Wallace, Lecounte has given the Eagles a pair of good safeties that will last a decade. 


Tylan Wallace: Wallace was picked in the third round and has given the Eagles their fastest receiver. Wallace was having a good rookie campaign until he got hurt blocking on a run play. This injury put him out of commission for 5 weeks. Wallace has been so beneficial to the Eagles that even with 5 weeks of no action he still leads the team in receiving touchdowns. Wallace had provided the Eagles with a third receiver to pair with Reagor and Coutee that gives them a trio who will last a decade. 


Armari Rodgers: Rodgers is a star in the making who hasn’t seen much action this season. With veterans Jackson and Jeffery being released next season, Rodgers will become an important component on the Eagles offense. Rodgers is looking to breakout next season. 


Marvin Moody: Moody  was selected in the later rounds and has been playing well when given a shot. Moody plays in the backup middle linebacker slot, occasionally taking over for Moses when he is tired. Moody will be looking to take over the left outside linebacker  spot when Willaims retires next season. 

The Eagles needed to hit on their rookie class because they were not able to sign any free agents this off-season. Based on how all of the starters have played so far this season, we can safely say that the Eagles hit on their first 3 picks, while selecting quality backups with the rest. Lecounte and Moses are in the conversation for Defensive Rookie Of The Year and if one of those players receives  the award, it will ensure that this was the best rookie class in Eagles history.


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