Tried to win a game but, I stumbled…

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Tried to win a game but, I stumbled…

AFC Offensive POY Predictions

As we are wrapping up Week 13 of the PML Season, we wanted to take a look at the frontrunners for the Offensive Player of the Year Award. The “clubhouse” leader is currently Texans HB- J.Hawkins. At this point of the season he has totaled 1,418 yards on the ground with 26 rushing TDs and he has also add 615 yards receiving on 55 catches and, 1 receiving TD to go with it. If he stays on the pace he will flirt with 2000 rushing yards as well as lock down a playoff spot for his team.

The closest competitor that J.Hawkins has to him for the award, is Chargers HB- A.Eckler. His team is sitting at 10-2 and just about a week away from locking up a playoff spot. This team has pretty much been on his shoulders after losing some talent from last season on both sides of the ball. He won the award last year and he is right back in the running again, so it’s safe to say he is never out of it. He is sitting with 1,385 rushing yards with 20 rushing TDs. he has also added 2 receiving TDs on 354 yards receiving. Definitely pulling his weight at this point of the season.

Honorable Mention:
QB- L.Jackson (Ravens): (10-2), 3,017 passing yards, 30TDs-19INTs, 69%, 108.4-QBR, 693 rushing yards, 12 rushing TDs.

Starting to sound like a broken record now…”Another week…Another Loss…” The jags loss their week 13 matchup to the Texans, 37-24. Really seems like the plan for the Jags to try and make tweaks to their offense is costing them dearly. The deadline for them to have gotten things locked down for the tough stretch of games was week 12 against the Rams and they loss that game. Now things are on for HC- Joe Brady to ‘right the ship’ or risk losing his job at the end of the season if the Jags don’t atleast 9-7.

The outline of the rest off their season flows as such… The play the Bills that have been hot as of late in Week 14, they play arguably the Top team in the league and SB Champs from last season – The Patriots, week 15. Then they get their rematch with the Texans week 16 and, finish the season vs the Seahawks for week 17. This team could easily go 0-4 down the stretch and finish the season 7-9. This team was on a path for the playoffs but, now it looks that anything less than finishing 9-7, would be considered a failing season. Stay tuned to see how it unfolds.

AFC Defensive POY Predictions

Moving over to the defensive side of the ball, we will also take a look at their possible player of the years candidates at this point of the season. The top defensive so far seems to be the ball hawk of the Colts “All Zone” defense, FS- M.Hooker. he has totaled 63 tackles, 5TFLS, 10INTs, 4 pass deflections, and 1 defensive TD. The team is having a tough season grinding through the grueling AFC South and currently sit at 5-7. This team is all but, out of the playoff race, so this will have to be a solid consolation.The next defender competing for the DPOY award is, Chargers SS-D.James Jr. His team is sitting at 10-2 and I don’t see why he couldn’t end up passing M.Hooker and winning this award. His stats are pretty close to M.Hooker as well, 67 tackles, 10TFLs, 1Sack, 9INTs, and 7 Pass deflections.

Honorable Mention:
FS- M.Nicholson (Chargers): (10-2), 56 tackles, 6TFLS, 10INTs, 7 Pass deflections, and 2 Forced Fumbles.