One Monkey don’t stop no show!

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One monkey don’t stop no show!

NFC North Division Prediction

Starting on the NFC Side of divisions, we are starting with the NFC North and our prediction on how things will finish in the divisional race. At this moment the Vikings is leading the division and is even in the Number 1 spot for the NFC side but, his schedule gets tougher to end the season while the Bears and the Lions schedules are significantly easier down the stretch. I don’t see the Vikings dropping too many games but. I feel that that the Lions or the Bears will sneak up and take the division at the end. I do see all 3 teams making the playoffs.

NFC East Division Prediction

NFC East is arguably the best division in the PML this season with having all teams above .500. One of these team will be left on the outside looking in, in regards to the playoffs. For this division, it will come down to the tiebreaker with the Cowboys and the WFT. Things will stay tight down the stretch but, I feel that the Cowboys will win in their 2nd meeting in Week 14 and that will be the edge to win the division. As far as the Giants and the Eagles, I feel that it will be the Eagles that will “slip…trip… and fall” into the playoffs as the 7th Seed.

Another Week and another upset loss for the Jags. This time at the hands of a winless Rams team, 31-27, that also recently saw them get a new owner. This game had a lot of twist and turns but, none more in the 2nd half. Coach Joe Brady had this to say about the game afterwards,”…. Gotta hand it to the Rams, they saw an opportunity and they capitalized…They threw some formations at is that we’ve seen banned in every other league except this one, as well as showing us some formations in field position situations that we had not seen before… other than that, their players made plays on the best possible defenders that we could’ve put on them..have to tip your hat to the Rams. They beat us fair and square…I tell my players, ‘Hey their players get paid too.'”

Looking at the Jags, they now sit at 7-4, and move into one of their final 2 division games left, both vs the Texans. The Jags are definitely a playoff caliber team and, these next 4 games will tell what type of playoff caliber team they truly are.

NFC South Division Prediction

Looking at the NFC South, pretty remarkable to see a competent owner taker over the Saints and run away with the division. This division is all but wrapped up. Saints are cruising and the rest of the division is fighting to get above .500. No further questions for the NFC South, Saints will win the division, just have to see where they will be seeded.

NFC West Division Prediction

Looking at the final division, NFC West, this one is anyone’s call. It seems that the division will come down to the wire for who will finish with the best record. I feel like the Niners and the Seahawks will both finish with the same record and since the split their matchups this year, tiebreakers will have to come into effect. My dark horse for this division, in it’s last season without a frontrunner, is the Cards… If the Cards get an upset or 2, and finish strong they would be right in the thick of the divisional race and could sneak up and steal it. As far as the future for this division, I feel that the Rams will do what the Saints are doing to the NFC South.