We have to stop shooting ourselves

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We have to stop shooting ourselves

AFC West Division Prediction

Starting off with the AFC West for division predictions, this one seems pretty cut and dry moving forward. The Chargers have a strong hold on this division by being up on the next closest division mate by 4 games. With most teams having around 6 games left to play, it does not look like the Chargers are going to slow down anytime soon and, they should once again be division champs. Keep an eye out for the Broncos, even though they sit at 4-6, they are still on the bubble for the 7th playoff spot.

AFC East Division Prediction

For the AFC East, it looks as if the Patriots will win the division for a second year in a row. They are currently locked in a tight fight with the Ravens to see who will lock up the number 1 seed and have the only first round bye for the AFC. The Bills, even with a new owner, have done a solid job this year and have themselves right in the thick of things for a playoff spot. They are currently sitting as the 6th seed, with a tiebreaker over the texans for the game they won against them. Dolphins are not to be counted, as they are bringing up the rear for fight for a playoff spot with being on the bubble with the Broncos and the Steelers.

Jags win 27-24 over the Colts but, the game should’ve never been this close. One thing is always true, if you are playing a team that is struggling, you need to get out on them early and put them down or they will definitely find some fight and make it a HELL GAME. Thats exactly what the Colts did!

Regardless fo the fact that the Jags are working in a new OC and slightly changed Playbook they still need to be better in their Decision-making. Have to know that if a team is going to play over the top shell coverage, to be ok with taking all the underneath completions and running the ball to not put your QB in tough situations. Seems like they the Jags forgot that and, it lead to the Jags throwing 4 INTs. The team will need to focus on execution for their week 12 game vs the Rams, before they get the the toughest of toughest stretch of their schedule coming towards the end of the season. Let’s see if the Jags get back to executing at a high level, like they did at the first 4-5 games of the season.

AFC North Division Prediction

Moving over to the AFC North side, it looks as if the Ravens have this division all but sown up, as they have a 3 game lead on the steelers and are battling with Pats for the Number 1 seed in the AFC. Don’t think they will lose ground down the stretch as the season winds to a close. Be on the lookout for the steelers, they are the top team on the outside looking in for the bubble to make the playoffs and if the Jags, Bills, or Texans start to slide, they could easily jump up into the 7th spot.

AFC South Division Prediction

By far one of the toughest divisions, if not the toughest, the AFC South is looking strong with the Titans holding steady with the 3 seed, Jags sitting nice as the 5th seed and top non division leading team, and the Texans bringing up the rear fo playoff teams with the 7th seed, at the moment. Many things could change in the division as the season comes to a close. Definitely a must watch for things.