Aren’t Bye Weeks the best…

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Aren’t Bye Weeks the best…

Breakout Rookie S2 – AFC South: Colts

Moving on to our last and final division, we finish off in the AFC South for our Breakout Rookie series for Season 2. First of the final 4 teams, we look at the Colts. This team is built to win now and most of their young talent is set to slide into a much bigger role next season or 2 down the line. So this was hard to decide who could and should be their Breakout Rookie. Taking a look over their roster, we had to settle on 2nd Round pick WR-Shi Smith. He hasn’t really gotten any shine on the playing field at this point but, her is already STAR-DEV and has 97 accel, 92 speed, 94 agility, 92 jumping and 88 spectacular catching. These stats give him major room for development and could develop into a great No.2 WR for this team sooner rather than later.

Breakout Rookie S2 – AFC South: Jags

Moving to the next team, we’ll look at my team the Jags. The breakout Rookie for us is the only X-Factor player from this rookie class, QB-Trevor Lawrence or better known as TLaw. He has a 91.5 QB Rating on the season, 64.8 completion percentage, and has thrown for 1801 yards and 13 Passing TDs to 12 INTs at the half way mark of the season. He has all the ability to be one of the best QBs in the league and this team will need him to be just that, if they plan on competing for the long haul.

Since the Jags are on a bye for week 10, I felt it was a good time to look back at how the Jags have done up to the half way mark for the season. The first 4 to 5 games of the season the Jags looked strong, even dominate at times but, they did have a couple games that seemed like “Struggle” blips on the radar. Even as the team had to move past the “disconnection-force win-quick concede-exit loss” to the Niners, they still preformed well up to this point. Weeks 6 and 7, saw the Jags lose their first official games, with hitting stumbling blocks against the Cards and the Titans that also lead to a force win for the Titans but, that game as somewhat in hand and the need to recreate and replay was unnecessary. The Jags did not fall asleep at the wheel at this point of the season, as they were able to pull out a solid win vs the Bengals and a close clutch defensive win vs the Broncos to go into the bye week 6-3. Week 11, sees the Jags go to INDY to take on division rival Colts, in hopes of going to 3-1 in the division, with 2 divisional games left to play after week 11.

Looking over to the latest roster news for the Jags, we wanted to just touch on again the 11th hour trade that was made with the Broncos, before they in fact played the Broncos for week 9. They sent swing Tackle J.Taylor to the Broncos for Speed Demon TE-Albert O. He has already been inserted into the starting lineup and will make his first start at the Colts in Week 11. The Jags have 4 of their last 7 games vs teams that are at .500 or under, so as long as they continue to execute, this should be a playoff team come January in the PML.

Breakout Rookie S2 – AFC South: Texans

Looking at the texans, they have made a change in their normal focus for their offense, as they look to become more run heavy. They have been able to do just that with their breakout rookie HB-Javian Hawkins. He burst on the scene and at the halfway mark of the season has already amassed over 1000+ rushing yards. Due to him balling out so far this year, he has made it to SUPERSTAR-DEV and had a ratings jump from 69 to 82 overall. By far the biggest rating jump I’ve came across throughout this series. He is without question, their BREAKOUT ROOKIE.

Breakout Rookie S2 – AFC South: Titans

Last and final team for the series, is the Titans. This team is a tough team to face with a strong minded owner and you can see that by who their breakout rookie is. Their breakout rookie is their 1st round pick, FS-Andre Cisco. With 93 speed and tackling and hit power at 76 rating, and his awareness at 77 makes him a potent blitzer and User player. He only has high 60’s for his coverage skills but, he still fits into this defense as a key piece and as their breakout rookie!