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S2 Mid-Season PML Power Rankings

PML Season 2 is already past the halfway point and as always, it has not disappointed. Trades all over the league have turned teams like the Steelers, Ravens, and Titans into Super Bowl Contenders.

  1. ** New England Patriots

Going off the Daddy leagues list to start but because of the already finished week 9 matchup, its only fair week swap 1 and 2. Although no longer undefeated the Patriots are still atop PML. But the top of the league is tight right now and you never know what could happen in PML.

2. Baltimore Ravens

The offense we have all been waiting for has arrived, The Miles Boykin experience… The Ravens are red hot leading the league in points scored, and with the the new arrivals on defense including All- Pro Pass rusher Von Miller, Bacon and the Ravens are gearing up for a Super Bowl run. The collapse in a crucial game against the patriots will sting, but he very well might have his chance at redemption, in the postseason.

3. Minnesota Vikings

The new look Minnesota Vikings have established themselves as the front runners in the NFC. With rookie QB Jamie Newman at the helm of the offense Zstar has been a perfect compliment to the run game, allowing the entire offense to opened up. Ranking 2nd in rush yards, while allowing a league low 21 ppg has been the recipe for success in Minnesota. With Cookieboy and the Lions sitting at 4-4, Zstar has seized his opportunity to take a huge division lead.

4. Los Angeles Chargers

After losing to the Ravens and Titans early, the Chargers have bounced back, and the offense is clicking once again. Scoring a whopping 40 points a game, Herbert has found his rhythm, along with All- Pro WR Keenan Allen has started seeing increased workload once again. The former castaway in LA has found common ground with the team, and are focused on moving forward together. That’s just what the Chargers need if they are going to look to make a playoff run

5. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys continue to just win games, while flying under the radar, which is VERY uncommon of Jerry Jones in Dallas. But CEO has gotten it done to this point, leading the league in rushing, led by the workhorse Zeke Elliot. With the Washington Football Team and even the NY Giants not too far behind they will have to keep it up in order to stay ahead.

6. Washington Football Team

The WFT took a couple of tough losses against the Cowboys and Bucs, but outside of that they have been fantastic. The Haskins Air Raid offense is legit, and the WFT leads the league in passing yards. The defense has struggled at times, but has been good enough to carry the team to a 6-2 record and on the heels of the Dallas Cowboys.

7. Tennessee Titans

After the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers, the Titans are 6-1, and winning impressive games. With wins over the Texans, Patriots, and Chargers, the Titans have a beating the best of the best. Derrick Henry hasn’t slowed down, as the Titans have the third most rushing yards, along with allowing a league best 21 PPG. The Titans look to be a serious SB contender, don’t listen to what the haters keep telling you…

8. ***New Orleans Saints

Another DL swap as the new look New Orleans saints and new coach Deanthethird have taken PML by storm racking up wins in his first season. Trey lance has transformed this offense, and more Alvin Kamara has had an MVP caliber season. Whether or not he can keep it up is yet to be seen, but rumblings around the Saits organization is that this team is legit and ready to make a serious NFC Playoff run

9. New York Giants

Que is back in the Top 10, unleashing the DJ5k 2.0 offense? Que has racked up enough air yards to be 2nd n the league, behind only division rival WFT. My front office executives wonder why Saquon inst the focal point of the offense, being a once in a generation talent at RB. In a PML league dominated by running backs, embrace it…

10. Jacksonville Jaguars

With Fallen’s week 9 heart breaker to the Colts, Jags are #2 in the AFC South at 6-3. Trevor Lawrence looks better every week, and this teams feels like they have the pieces to be a playoff team this year. Priamrily on the defensive side of the ball. The Jags D is elite,;ed by CJ Henderson and Josh Allen. This team is so young and talented they will be a dangerous team for years to come.

On the Bubble…

11.Houston Texans

Texans Rookie Javian Hawkins is having himself an MVP season, but at what cost to the offense? The Texans now sit at 5-3 after a heartbreaker to the Colts

12.Chicago Bears

Zach Wilson is stepping up to the task, ranking the Bears top 10 in passing yards, and leading them to a 5-3 record.

13.Detroit Lions

Cookieboy has fumbled a few games early, but the reigning NFC representative is never to be counted out as we know the caliber of coach Cookieboy has proven to be.

14.Pittsburg Steelers

After dropping 3 straight games the Steelers bounce back strong with a tie? Dramaman has kept himself afoat but with the Ravens pulling away he will have to try and compete for a WC spot

15.Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have struggled this season starting 3-5, and on the outside looking in, While we know King Mike is a great coach, he might have put himself too far behind to get in the playoffs.

16.Indianapolis Colts

At 3-4 the Colts have kept themselves alive for a late playoff push, but they now sit at the bottom of the AFC South, so they have their work cut out for them.

17.Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay went from NFC Powerhouse to fighting for a spot this season. Dow, but not out as we know Dllyod can be great when the offense is clicking

18.San Francisco 49ers

With Nef as head coach of the 49ers they are now in lead of the division race in the NFC West. But the Hawks and Cards arent very far behind.

19.Seattle Seahawks

The NFC West is still wide open but Mali is trailing only the 49ers in that division. With Russ and DK on offense, it is tough for any team to game plan against

Not so close…

20. Philadelphia Eagles

21. Buffalo Bills

22. Arizona Cardinals

23. Carolina Panthers

24. Atlanta Falcons

25. Denver Broncos

26. Kansas City Chiefs

27. Cleveland Browns

28. Cincinnati Bengals

29. New York Jets

30. Las Vegas Raiders

31. Green Bay Packers

32. Los Angeles Rams

RankNFL TeamsW-LPrevRankRating
1Baltimore Ravens7-0134.446
2New England Patriots6-1323.206
3Minnesota Vikings7-1219.368
4Los Angeles Chargers5-2819.228
5Dallas Cowboys6-1515.917
6Washington Football Team6-2713.940
7Tennessee Titans6-2612.231
8New York Giants4-3138.567
9New Orleans Saints6-148.404
10Jacksonville Jaguars5-3106.387
11Houston Texans5-294.521
12Chicago Bears5-3112.237
13Detroit Lions3-4221.712
14Miami Dolphins3-4151.450
15Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-4160.415
16Indianapolis Colts3-418-1.038
17Seattle Seahawks3-420-1.763
18San Francisco 49ers4-414-2.226
19Pittsburgh Steelers4-312-2.281
20Philadelphia Eagles3-423-2.466
21Buffalo Bills3-417-3.372
22Arizona Cardinals3-526-5.174
23Carolina Panthers3-424-6.038
24Atlanta Falcons2-527-6.343
25Denver Broncos3-421-6.786
26Kansas City Chiefs3-419-7.505
27Cleveland Browns1-628-10.689
28Cincinnati Bengals3-525-13.687
29New York Jets1-630-19.761
30Las Vegas Raiders0-831-20.208
31Green Bay Packers1-629-20.979
32Los Angeles Rams0-832-25.346