Kilt’em, skinned’em, wacked’em!!! Season 2 Week 8

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Kilt’em, skinned’em, wacked’em!!!

Breakout Rookie Series S2 – AFC East: Bills

Picking back up our breakout rookie series, our next stop is in the AFC East and we start with the Bills. Look at the Bills it is without question one of the easiest to know who their breakout rookie will be. They spent a top 15 draft pick to take the best WR in the draft, Ja’Marr Chase and he is one stud game away from getting bumped up to SS-DEV. So far this season he has 20+ catches for 344 yards and 3 TDs. He is due for a breakout game/performance.

Breakout Rookie Series S2 – AFC East: Dolphins

Looking at the Dolphins, the choice was definitely on defense but, it wasn’t as easy as it seems. DB-DeMarcus Fields has ben developing pretty solidly but, the rookie that can and needs to be the breakout rookie for the Dolphins is Pass Rushing LB-Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. He is already at STAR-DEV and is sporting a 90 FMV and 82 BSH at this point of the season. He has amassed 7 sacks here at about e half way point of the season. If he can hit double digit sacks as a rookie he would’ve definitely fulfilled his duty to be their breakout rookie.

It wasn’t pretty and the defense had to carry the Jags again but, their 27-13 win over the Bengals puts them right around the total win mark from last season, which is a victory in itself. This already shows that the team is headed in a better direction with Joe Brady at the helm. Now as far as the offense goes, helps might be on the way. HC-J.Brady has decided to give up playcalling duties to focus on the total team and hired the QB Coach from the Lions to come in and mesh the Lions offense with what HC-J.Brady likes to do offensively.

As the season reaches right around the halfway mark, the Jags look to be heading in a good direction if they can hold course. At this point of the season looking forward, the Jags have 8 games left and 5 of the 8 games are against teams that are currently under .500. Now they don’t want to overlook anyone but definitely puts them in position to fight for a playoff spot this year.

Breakout Rookie Series S2 – AFC East: Jets

Jumping into the Jets, this team has kind of been doormat, I’m sorry dormant…for most of the season but, now that this team has gotten a Owner we should expect to see things pick up a bit. The one rookie that they need to breakout to ease tension for this team is 1st round WR-DeVonta Smith. HE is close to 30 catches and around 400 yards receiving but, only 1 receiving TD. Definitely can expect an uptick in this production to close out the year and possibly finish strong and hit that breakout rookie bark for the Jets.

Breakout Rookie Series S2 – AFC East: Patriots

Finishing up with the Pats, it seems that their breakout rookie has already emerged in 3rd Round Rookie WR-Tre Nixon. He has caught about 20 pass for around 400 yards and a solid 6 TD catches. Definitely has inserted himself into the the starting lineup and is going to do more than enough to be solid contributor for this team the rest of the cycle.