WEEKS 1-7 Review: Sigh Eagles Sigh

The Eagles came into this season on a high note. Their cap space was the worst in the league, as they only relied on the draft to  bring in players. They felt confident in their draft and after having a good preseason were excited  to start the regular season. As of right now, their season has been a mixed bag of disappointments. As of week 7 their record stands at 3-4 which is currently last in the NFC East. In this article we will take a look at the wins and losses, as well as look at the stats of all the Eagles players. 

Week 1: The Eagles took on the Kansas City Chiefs, in  a game that boiled down to a game changing pick six. Carson Wentz almost threw the game away with his 3 interceptions but after getting the lead the defense never gave it up. Miles Sanders was the player of the game, running for 114 yards and 4 touchdowns. 

Week 2: The Eagles faced off against the Los Angeles Rams where the game didn’t end in a tie. After a slow first half, the Eagles defense picked up the pace forcing six interceptions in route to a blowout. Rookie safety Richard Lecounte was the player of the game, by picking off Goff 3 times. 

Week 3: The first divisional matchup of the year comes in the form of the Eagles versus the Washington Football Team. This was the first heartbreaking loss for the Eagles but it wouldn’t be the last. Late in the fourth quarter, with the Eagles with a lead, Carson Wentz misread a rpo that led to a Washington pick six that would ultimately seal the game for the Football Team. Had Wentz, just handed the ball off, most likely the Eagles would have won. 

Week 4: The second heartbreaking loss for the Eagles comes from the courtesy of the New Orleans Saints. After taking the lead in the fourth quarter with less than a minute left, all the Eagles had to do was stop the deep pass and they would win.  Even with  knowing what was coming, the Eagles couldn’t  stop a deep pass from quarterback Lance. Lance stepped back in the pocket and threw to a double covered receiver, only for the ball to be swatted away into the waiting arms of the standing still receiver, Michael Thomas. The game would go into overtime and the Eagles would end up losing by 3. 

Week 5: The Eagles took on the Carolina Panthers in a messy rain game. The Eagles took a cautious approach on offense which led to the first game where Wentz didn’t throw an interception. The Eagles defense would force two turnovers that led to a 10 point victory. Miles Sanders was the player of the game, rushing for 106 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Week 6: The first blowout of the year came by the hands of the New York Giants. The Eagles as a whole had no answer for the offensive and defensive might of the Giants. The Giants rpo offense confused the Eagles as no one could get off the blocks to stop it. On defense Carson Wentz threw a career high 8 interceptions. Wentz was all over the place with his passes. The Giants were flying all over the field, as his throws were to open players but the Giant defenders came out of  left field to intercept the ball. On his last interception, Wentz had an open receiver, however, it was so far off from the target, the receiver didn’t even try to run to the ball opting to walk as the defender sprinted to cause the interception. 

Week 7: The second matchup of the season versus the Washington Football team ended just like the first, as a disappointing loss. After going up 28-24 in the fourth quarter, the defense couldn’t make a stop resulting in a Football Team touchdown. On the ensuing kickoff, the Eagles would fumble resulting in a turnover. The defense would get an interception of their own but it was a little too late as with 28 seconds left, Wentz underthrew his receiver leading to a game sealing pick six for the Football Team. 

Quick Stat Lines: 

NameComp/AttComp %YardsTDsINTsLongRating
NameAttemptsYardsLongBroken TacklesTDsFumbles
D.Slay Jr2312000

The MVP of the Eagles so far has been Miles Sanders, who currently is in the top 5 for all categories in rushing. He is looking to show the league that he is a superstar and if he continues on his current form he will be rewarded with a superstar status. Rookie wide receiver Wallace was on his way to rookie of the year, however, he will now be out for 4 weeks with an injury. This will most likely derail his rookie of the year campaign. On defense, Fletcher Cox is continuing his reign of terror as he currently leads the league in sacks. 

The Eagles have been in most of the games they have played, except the anomaly game versus the Giants. The defense and Carson Wentz have been the main reason for most of the losses. Wentz has been a turnover machine, and if he can correct his reads during the bye week, the Eagles can come out and compete for the rest of the season. Up next after the bye week, the Eagles will face off against the Green Bay Packers where they will look to get back to .500. 


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