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Having a Misfortune

Breakout Rookie S2- AFC West: Broncos

Moving to the AFC Side of our season 2 of the breakout Rookie series, we take a look at the AFC West first. Starting with the Broncos, they have a few nice pieces as far as rookies that could be a breakout player. Looking over their roster and how they have played up to this point, the running was close. Rookie OT-P.Sewell was a strong candidate and would’ve been the first offensive lineman added to this list but, the Broncos also took Caden Sterns and based off of what he did last cycle with the Dolphins, it’s hard to pass on him not being dominate again this cycle, this time with the Broncos.

Breakout Rookie S2- AFC West: Chargers

Heading over to the reigning divisional champ, Chargers, it was a little harder to find a rookie that could have the potential to be their breakout rookie. Looking at this team they took FSU stud DT-M.Wilson in the first round but, he is still only normal DEV, so him being the breakout rookie for them is a stretch. The player that I see that could be their breakout Rookie is 2nd Round pick, LB-K.J. Britt. He is only a normal DEV but, with 87 speed, 85 tackle, and 85 pursuit at 6′ 236lbs, he is prime to be a stud rookie LB and more than capable of being a breakout rookie for the Chargers.

The Jags were never gonna have a perfect season and, that was clear with the slip up at home against the Cards. One malfunction, lead to a clinical loss to the Niners and now lack of attention to detail and not being sharp were the causes for the loss to the Cards, as the Jags drop a 2nd game to the NFC West. For the Jags they have to plan to get back to their game and solidify their focus and not let outsider know-it-alls calm they know how the team should go. Everything can be dissected in hindsight and that has to be what the Jags use to get better internally.

The Jags coaching staff felt slighted that the game was delayed to be played as long as it was and that they could not lock in sooner but, that does not take away from having the team 100% prepared to play and they did not. HB-T.Etinne was coming into a breakout game and the focus to try to help him hit the goal, which he missed, put a crack in the Jags gameplay from the start. Not adjusting the OL to be ready for a “40” Front instead of a “30” Front was what broke the run game and everything else rolled down hill from there. The Jags will have to lock in for another HELL GAME as the lock in with division foe Titans in week 7, who just recently acquired Vet Elite QB Aaron Rodgers.

Breakout Rookie S2- AFC West: Chiefs

The Chiefs missed on getting the best bang for their buck as far as it goes with best utilizing their draft picks correctly but, they still got a couple steals. I almost went with their 3rd round LB-M.Robertson as he was able to get up to STAR DEV so far but, their breakout rookie is without question their 2nd round pick, RB-Chuba Hubbard. With high 80’s juke and C.O.D., 92 speed and 94 accel, he is what they needed to be the speed back this offense needs. Just gotta see if this team can get the most out of him to make sure he can fulfill being a breakout rookie.

Breakout Rookie S2- AFC West: Raiders

Last but, not least for the AFC West, we stop in and take a look at the Raiders. Their breakout rookie was probably the easiest for this conference as they are all in on their 1st round pick, WR-Rondale Moore. With getting 94 speed and 94 Accel, he makes it hard to focus all your attention on Henry Ruggs III, and that is more than enough recipe for him to breakout as a rookie.