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Something To Prove

Breakout Rookies S2 – NFC South: Buccs

Moving on with the breakout rookie series after a week off, we pick back up with the NFC South and the Buccs. Looking at their team they are stacked with depth at the positions of their higher drafted rookies but, the rookie that looks to be moving towards breaking out is WR- Terrance Marshall Jr. All of his catching stats are in the high 80’s and, he has good size at 6’3″ 200lbs. Now he has had very few catches on the season but, looks like the work getting put in during practice is helping him get better and he should “POP” soon.

Breakout Rookies S2 – NFC South: Falcons

For the Falcons, they don’t want a breakout rookie, they need a breakout rookie. All of their future plans is tied to 3rd round pick, Mobile QB- Micale Cunningham. They are all in on his speed, so much so, that they even gave him Vick old number. he has started every game for them this season and is already over 10 INTs this early in the season. Looks like they are going to need a prayer to get him to breakout and be a STAR in his rookie season.

After a trap game for week 3 vs the Jets and major issues that lead to a win but, then a record loss for the jags. The Jags had to deal with adversity that they were still the hot and cold team from last year. Going into week 5, the stakes were high. having a 2nd divisional game this early in a season can be a make or breaker for any team in a season. Jags definitely felt like they had “Something To Prove.” And prove they did!!! The defense had a stellar performance, being able to hold the reigning PML MVP, who amassed more than 2,400+ rushing yards last season, to 21 carries for 66yards and no rushing TDs. On the opposite side team, the Jags had their best rushing performance of the season, with HB-T.Etienne having 26 carries for 171yds and 1rushing TD and the Team as a whole rushed for over 200yds on the day, as the Jags had the game under control from the 2nd qtr on, beating the Colts, 31-17.

In Roster move news, the Jags were able to re-sign DL- Taven Bryan to a 4 year extension worth $47.6Mil($21.1Mil guaranteed). We also lost backup depth DL- K.Street to a dislocated elbow. He is expected to be out 4-5 weeks.

Breakout Rookies S2 – NFC South: Panthers

Looking at the Panthers, this one is a layup for me and the Panthers. They already have their breakout rookie in SUPERSTAR QB- Justin Fields. With having only one game with a Passer Rating under 95.0, he shows that he can play at a high level. He has to get these INTs down as he has 12 INTs through 5 games but, he is the total package for the Panthers organization.

Breakout Rookies S2 – NFC South: Saints

Last but, not least, we finish up in the NFC South with the Saints. This division has truly invested in QBs and, since Drew Brees left this team was in need of one. Seems like they might have one in rookie QB- Trey Lance. He has done well for the Saints leading them to a 3-1 record at this point in the season. He has amassed a 10TD to 6 INT ratio and has not had a passer rating under 97.0 through 4 games. Definitely looks like he is flirting with being a breakout Rookie.. And boy do they need it!