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PML Power Rankings S2 Week 1-4

Season 2 has been as advertised  at the quarter mark of the season, we have some teams way up, and others way down. The PML offseason was a blessing for some big movers like the Jags,  or new faces like the Saints starting off strong.  Let’s start with the cream of the crop, and your season 1 SB Champs

1. Patriots

Patriots are still #1 and are your reigning PML champion. Nat had a scare week against the Bills, but managed to steal a win, while his division is dropping important games early. Even without grabbing any big name FA, Patriots slowly are getting better, and deeper, as the content points keep flowing in.

2. Ravens

Lamar Jackson and the Raven are on fire averaging a whopping 46 points a game through 4 weeks. The explosive rushing attack is good enough for 3rd best in the league. Offseason addition of William Jackson looks to have added something big to the defense because Bacon is allowing a league low 18 points per game. Complimentary football at its best, and the Raves are going to have to keep it up because #3 isn’t too far behind…

3. Steelers

After a monumental collapse to end S1, Dramaman has come back better than ever. Big Ben has officially handed over the reins to Gardner Minshew, but the Steelers offense is run through rookie CJ Verdell. Verdell and the steelers RB room have been excellent, averaging a league best 197 yards per game. The biggest move of the steelers offseason might have come on the defense. DT Grady Jarret was traded from the falcons, and joins an already star studded DL in Pittsburg. The steelers are averaging an insane 43 rushing yards a game. Steelers- Ravens has never been a bigger matchup and the whole league will have their popcorn ready

4. Bears

An unfamiliar name from last season, but Lq is making things work in Chicago with Zach Wilson leading the way. The Bears rank 7th in total O, and That Chicago D is still playing at an elite level, and they have nearly reached their ceiling. With the rook running the offense, the Bears look to be a real threat to the NFC, already with huge wins over the Vikings and Lions.

5. Jags

Jags should be 4-0 and in the #4 spot, but Madden gonna madden, and Chef will have that L on his record. Jags are PMLs biggest surprise of S2. QB Trevor Lawrence has made all the difference, leading the Jags to huge wins over the Dolphins, Titans Jets and the 49ers*. With the youth all over the roster, Jags have nowhere to go but up, but will have their work cut out for them in the loaded AFC South

6. Football Team

Haskins is running an air raid offense in Washington good enough for 2nd in the league through the air. The young Defense looks to take another step coming in at 8th in points, and a couple big wins. Tbruh took a tough loss vs division rival CEO and the cowboys, but still is an NFC front runner.

7. Titans

With the addition of Aaron Rodgers, the Titans are serious SB contenders. After a tough ending to S1 losing against division rival Texans, in OT, in the playoffs, then starting the season losing to the Jags, the Titans officially have moved on from Ryan Tannehill. In Rodgers week 3 Titans debut, he lit up the Texans D and showed off what he rings to the Titans O.

8. Texans

After losing to the Titans in week 3, Fallen and the Texans bounced back big shutting down KingMike and the Dolphins. Although he’s at #8, don’t be surprised to see the Texans a lot higher up on this list in the coming weeks, but it goes to show how deep the AFC race is

9. Lions

#9 is a disrespectful ranking for the S1 NFC representative. But a loss early and bye week has allowed a couple teams to creep past them in the rankings. The Lions are still the team to beat in the NFC, Stafford is now a SS, and the defense is playing at an elite level . Cookieboy is an elite coach and doesn’t look like anything will be changing this season.

10. Cowboys

Another team that has sneaked their way down this far is CEO and the cowboys. The Cowboys play smart football and Dallas is second in rushing yards because of that. The D hasn’t quite found their stride yet, but that hasn’t stopped CEO from winning early on

With the abundance of talent in PML there are a ton of teams that could make a case for this list, but as we all know PML is a long season and every game matters. Season 2 is rocking and looks like we have a hell of a season ahead of us