Enough is Enough !

An inside source following the Atlanta Falcons overtime loss reported that Owner Arthur Blank and head coach Antdawg were in a heated debate regarding the starting QB position. It’s said that Antdawg wanted to go with veteran QB Matt Ryan from the beginning and let him mentor Cunningham properly.  It was said to be Mr blank that pressed the issue of starting the 3rd round draft pick Cunningham in hopes he would thrive under pressure and fix his mistake of allowing the organization sign Matt Ryan and other veterans to cap disastrous contracts. Following the argument both sides agreed that it would be best for Ryan to take over the starting role. Coach Antdawg in his press conference made the following comment’s regarding Cunningham “He’s a young qb who has a lot to learn. I want to develop him the right way. And right now, we are failing to do so. He has been tossed to the wolves. Right now, his confidence is shot and that’s on us. “The Atlanta Falcons have a much-needed bye week. Then they will play the New Orleans Saints who as of now lead the division. This will be a must win game for the Falcons. A loss could make reaching the playoffs extremely difficult. Matt Ryans veteran qb play will be vital. And the bye week will be much needed for the defense who has carried this team so far .


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