It’s A Trap!!!!

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It’s A Trap!!!!

Breakout Rookies S2- NFC North: Bears

Moving right along we move to our 3rd division to look at for the breakout rookie series, in NFC North. The first team we will look at is the Chicago Bears. For the Bears, their breakout rookie selections is easy, due to the team’s offensive success depends on his development and that is QB- Zach Wilson. He is starting to develop lil by lil even without having a higher DEV Trait. Tough part is, Zach Wilson ratings compare out to making him look like a younger, cheaper Mitchell Trubisky. Hope that he develops into more of a “Tractor” instead of a “Trailer” type player.

Breakout Rookies S2- NFC North: Lions

Looking at the Lions, their breakout rookie is WR- Amon-Ra St. Brown. Major work has been put in for this WR. He is without question the No. 2 WR to Golladay on the other side. He came into the league rated 70 and is already up to a 78. Now his development will tamper off here in a bit but he is a stud pickup nonetheless. Truth be told, A.R.S.B. is already the breakout rookie for the Lions at this point into the season.

The Jags grazed a bullet…And hopefully the last surprise bullet of the season. The League had been running the Jets and then right before the Jags played they, a new owner took over. It threw the Jags a curve ball, to say the least. The Jets had a good run defense and stayed in base the majority of the game forced the jags to have to focus on adjusting to, too many things. AS other coaches around the league are able to critic in hindsight, the Jags escape the sneaky Jets in OT, to win 33-27.

The coverage and pass rush for the defense was what held the Jags in the game. TLaw finally had a game that he looked human, were he threw 3 INTs. The Jags now turn their attention to Niners in week 4. In roster News, the jags were able to able to lock up their one of their stud young WRs in D.J. Chark Jr., signing him to a 5 year extension worth $71Mil($28.6Mil Guaranteed).

Breakout Rookies S2- NFC North: Packers

Looking at the Packers, they are a little on the pedestrian side as far as development goes. Their breakout rookie will be a breakout player due to he is a solid almost stud level player now. I’m talking about OLB- Micah Parsons. He is a solid pass rushing LB that is fast enough to move in coverage. If development was focused into him he could be an elite player very fast.

Breakout Rookies S2- NFC North: Vikings

Lastly, for the NFC North and the Vikings. We take a look at who I feel will be their breakout player in FS- Trevon Moehrig. He started off as a 74 and is now rated 79 overall with 80 zone. Not really a jumper or a big hitter but they need his speed and coverage skills on the backend, and he is more than able to provide the assistance.