By the hairs of our Chiny Chin-Chin!

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“By the Hairs of our Chiny Chin-Chin”

Breakout Rookies S2- NFC East: Cowboys

For this edition of the breakout rookie series for season 2, we will be taking a look at the NFC East. Starting with the Cowboys, they kinda made the choice difficult for me. After looking at this team and who has been progressing the choice was then easy… SS-Richie Grant. Grant was their 4th round pick and has developed to the point, he could get put into the starting lineup this early into the regular season. Most would think that since the took LB- Chazz Surratt in the first round, he would be the one getting focused on but, he is not as I predicted in the offseason grade series. Grant being 6′ tall and having 90 Speed and Accel, he is primed to get better if the development focus stays on him.

Breakout Rookies S2- NFC East: Eagles

Next up is the Eagles. Now their breakout rookie candidates are close but, we can only choose one and that one is going to FS- Richard LeCounte. Now their 1st round pick LB- Dylan Moses is doing well and made it close but, as far as their rookie season the eagles have a good DL so not much is tied in the balance to how well the LBs do but, alot of responsibility is on the backend. The development has been going well but, will need to continue for R.LeCounte to breakout and make a name for himself.

Are the Jags forreal???? Well that has yet to be confirmed but, the jags started the season off with games against 2 playoff teams from last year. So far the Jags are 2 and 0! This game against the Titans, which the Jags won on a last second missed FG by the Titans, felt like a playoff defensive game. The Titans won the total yards game but, the Jags won the Turnover battle and that managed to be the edge.

The Titans played a tough defense holding “TLaw” under 200yds passing and T.Etienne under 100yds rushing but, the Jags defense is proving to be more real than fake with CBs C.Claybrooks and C.J. Henderson both getting INTs for the 2nd straight game. Also, as we all known, battles have their casualties, as the Jags have lost their starting C, Cam Robinson, for 4-5 weeks with an abdominal tear. Swing Tackle J.Taylor will fill in, in the mean time. The Jags will now turn their attention to the Jets in week 3.

Breakout Rookies S2- NFC East: Giants

For the Giants, they most likely won’t have a breakout rookie. Both of their possible candidates are backup prospects behind stud starters. So I don’t expect them to pull those players in place of rookies. This team is not built for a breakout rookie, this season.

Breakout Rookies S2- NFC East: WFT

Lastly for the NFC East, we stop by the WFT. Looking at their team you would think that their first round pick TE- B.Jordan would be the breakout rookie but, he is not getting the looks and going back to my offseason grades, he was never going to get the looks due to them already having 2 starter level TEs already on the roster. Their breakout rookie will be their 2nd round pick, WR- Sage Surratt. He has settled in nicely opposite “Scary” Terry and that has been nice for him not having to be the main guy. Coming in at 6’3″ and having 93 speed, 91 jumping, and all catching and route running stats in the high 70’s/low 80’s, he is a solid redone threat and a even better number 2 this early into the season. If his production picks up he will without question get a DEV story, and live up to the hype of being a breakout rookie for the WFT.