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Making a Name For Ourselves

Breakout Rookies S2 – NFC West: Niners

As we pick back up our breakout rookie series again for season number 2, we picking right back up where we started last year… with the NFC West. Looking at the Niners team, they are a team that was pretty set closing out the first year but, looking at who they draft you can see they want to keep a strength a strength with drafting a CB in the 1st round to replace Richard Sherman who left in the offseason to division foe LA Rams. Looking at CB-Caleb Farley, he is the only rookie I seeing having the possibility to be a breakout candidate for the Niners. He is 6″2′, over 200lbs and is rolling with 92 speed and 93 accel. His coverage skills are in the 70’s and expect them to only get better if he is starting.

Breakout Rookies S2 – NFC West: Rams

Continuing on with the Rams, it was a little harder to choose who I felt who their breakout rookie. I originally was leaning rookie WR-Tutu Atwell but, he is normal DEV and the Rams signed other Speed WRs, so it’s easy to feel that he will just be depth and end up getting lost in the wash. The player that I settled on was Rookie TE-Kyle Pitts. He comes in with Star DEV, 85 speed and all of his catching stats in the high 80’s. Once I saw that I felt it was a no brainer to choose him for the Rams breakout Rookie.

Well, coming out of the offseason the Jags had alot of eyes on them due to the moves that they made to improve their team. Some even feel that they killed the offseason and put them in the a spot to possible compete for a playoff spot after going 5-11 last season. Well the week 1 win of 41-24 over the Dolphins, who was a playoff team last season, definitely put the league on notice that the Jags came to play.

Starting on the defensive side of the ball, they played lights out forcing “Tua” into 6 INTs and 1 fumble. One of the best defensive performances this team has put up in awhile. Not to be sold short the offense handled their own as well. Most importantly the pinned Future Franchise QB Trevor Lawrence proved that the stage was not to big for him, throwing for over 300 yards through the air and getting 2 TD passes, all while playing in the rain. The Jags will have tough game next week as they are set to play their first divisional game against the Titans.

Breakout Rookies S2 – NFC West: Cards

Moving over to the Cards, they had a top 10 pick so this choice of who is their possible breakout rookie is easy…CB-Patrick Surtain II. Taking after his father’s linage for playing well in the league, expectations are the same for for PS2 being the Number 7 overall. Another CB that is standing in at 6″2′ and has speed of 93 and accel of 94, these CBs are set to take on the best WRs in the league.All of his coverage stats are already in the High 70’s, and I totally expect them to keep climbing!

Breakout Rookies S2 – NFC West: Seahawks

For the final NFC West team, we look at the Seattle Seahawks. This one was easy for me but, long term will be tough for the Seahawks. The Seahawks don’t have a breakout rookie on their roster! The only candidate that was close was their 2nd round pick who was a TE. Only issue is he is a 24yr old Rookie TE taken in the 2nd round. A bit of free game, with players on this game, they hit their peak at 26. 24 is when they get their first hit to their skill points not being as cheap due to be younger. This player is already out of development window and is in his leveling out phase before he hits his peak in 2 seasons. Tough break for the Seahawks.