Las Vegas Raiders offseason recap

The Raiders went into offseason looking to make big changes to their roster to help their team compete and big changes is what they made. In the free agency the Raiders managed to sign left guard Andrew Wylie to be a short term replacement at guard for Richie Incognito who retired this year, they brought in veteran Melvin Ingram III to help bring that veteran leadership to their young developing line and to also help this Raiders defense get to the quarterback. After the Raiders let go of McMillan they knew they needed to get a veteran linebacker to help out in the run and that’s exactly what they did bringing in K.J Wright who brings a lot of talent for helping in outside runs. This raiders team prides themselves on utilizing a running back committee so when they lost Lamar Miller because they didn’t want to pay what he was asking for they decided to bring in the young running back Derrius Guice on a 5 year deal. The raiders are buckling down on Guice and if he plays good enough he might be their #1 running back. That’s not all the moves that the Raiders made they also decided to make a trade with Carolina to bring in veteran star defensive tackle Kawann Short for a 4th and 6th round pick this year. Kawann like Melvin Ingram brings leadership to this Raiders defensive line and helps give them time to develop them more until they are ready to fully rock with them.

Raiders draft review

Round 1 pick 15 – Rondale Moore WR : Originally the front office was going to select cornerback Shaun Wade but with Rondale Moore on the board they knew they couldn’t pass up the option to have both Ruggs and Moore across from each other. This duos speed will bring hell on all defensive backs for years to come.

Round 2 pick 15 – DJ Daniel CB : Since they didn’t select a cornerback in the first round, they went with DJ Daniels in the second. The Raiders had their eye on this guy for a long time and were very happy to see this guy fall towards him. He will make an immediate impact for this team as a starter and hopefully become the lockdown cornerback that they see in him.

Round 3 Pick 15 – Aidan Hutchinson LE : The Raiders want to make it apparent that defensive line is the most important need for them, so they are doubling down on a defensive end in the third round that they can build up into a starter when Ingram is gone. They liked the size and the football IQ that Hutchinson brings to the table and that’s why they took him in the third.

Round 5 Pick 25 – Bryce Hargrove LG : The Raiders needed depth at the offensive line position and Bryce Hargrove was the best player available.

Round 6 Pick 27 – Mustafa Johnson DT : More depth towards the defensive line, Raiders know they won’t have Kawann short forever and having a serviceable backup for their star young tackle Maurice Hurst can only help this team get better.

Round 7 Pick 20 – Jake Stoll TE : The raiders are good with receiving threats at the tight end position, but they wanted to make sure they had someone who they could sub in for running downs and with a late round pick they got their guy in Jake Stoll