Eagles Preseason Overview

Preseason Overview 

For this preseason the Eagles focused on getting all of their younger players in the game. Each game consisted of different rookies and second year players stepping up to win games.  The veteran players did see some time as well but thankfully no players were injured and the Eagles roster is fully healthy going into week one.  

Going into the preseason with 54 players, the Eagles only had one cut to make. Knowing fully well who was going to be on the roster helped the coaching staff with who they wanted to play. This planning resulted in a record of 3-1 this preseason, with a few rookie standouts. 

Looking at all 4 games, we will see the stars of the show on offense and defense. Week one versus the Browns, wide receiver Tylan Wallace took over the show with 7 catches for 122 yards. With this performance, Wallace showed the coaching staff that he was an impact player who needed more playing time this pre season. 

Week 2 versus the Cardinals, Wallace once again proved to be the Eagles most dominant player after going off for the tune of 10 catches for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns. Wallace couldn’t be stopped as he was solidifying his third wide receiver spot. His performance sparked a 27-14 win for the Eagles. 

Week 3 versus the Jets was the Eagles only loss this preseason but that wasn’t on the offense as they put up an astounding 42 points. Led by none other than Jalen Hurts, rookie wide receiver Wallace put on the performance of his career. He took advantage of the Jets secondary, catching 9 receptions for 313 yards and 3 touchdowns. His performance has sparked a wide receiver controversy as he is seeing himself continue up the depth chart. 

Rounding out the final week of the preseason, Wallace had just a minor day catching only 4 passes for 40 yards. He however, made each one of the catches count as he scored three touchdowns in the process. His performance early in the game gave the Eagles the lead they needed to put the backups in the game and coast for the win. 

The Eagles preseason was a huge success as they found their third wide receiver of the future. The Eagles roster now consists of three starter quality fast receivers who are all ready to show that they have what it takes to be number one. All of the defensive rookies had pretty quiet preseasons, but rookie linebacker Moses showed enough that he earned the title of superstar. The Eagles are all excited for week one of the regular season to begin and will first face off against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Wallace was the star of the Eagles preseason. He came up big for the Eagles in each and every preseason game. His preseason did not nap him the role of star but he is now more determined to show everyone that he is a star who can turn into a superstar. His final stat line of 30 catches for 602 yards and 8 touchdowns was good for one of the best wide receivers in the preseason and he will look to put up those same numbers in the regular season.