State of the League Address – Season 2

Salute to my Premier Madden League family, shout-out to Sports Gamers Online and the Gaming While Black squad. It’s ya main man Dramaman coming to y’all with my annual league address. Wasn’t sure I would make it home in time to get before the camera so I could have you all look me in my eyes and embrace whatever privacies I wished to expose this time around, so y’all going to have to settle for reading. As we embark on yet another season of top flight, upper echelon, cream of the crop Madden football, I must say I’m very concerned about where we are as a league.

No look man I get it. We just finished the off-season festivities, free agency was exciting, the draft was full of illustrious splendor and guys are excited to use their new acquisitions. There’s the hope and promise of “possibility” with everyone being 0-0. With all the fun we’ve been having projecting the upcoming season, who wants to look behind us? I mean what’s the fun in mulling over the failures and mishaps of season 1? Trust me bro, if there’s anyone who wants to forget season 1 it’s me. Started out 9-2, talked all the trash in the world, just to go 9-7 and not even make the playoffs. But here’s what y’all have to understand, that is what going to fuel me to win it all this year!

I mean what do they say about people who don’t remember their history, they’re bound to repeat it. Just what does a repeat of history in season 2 of PML mean? I won’t even say it. Because it makes me SICK! See last year I tried to warn y’all. I came to you all like men, naively believing that if I spoke to you all like men, and raised the banner of the 99 against the 1 percent that we’d ban together and prevail. Instead y’all laughed at me. Instead y’all mocked. You all chose barabbas over the King of the Jews. But I digress, new season new Drama, new approach.

As we dawn towards the rising of a new horizon, I just want everyone to remember their failures of season 1. Whether you finished as a loser in the Super Bowl, a loser of your division title, or the loser of games vs your division rival, NEVER FORGET that you failed last season! You sir are a loser! But you don’t have to stay that way. Right now, in this moment, at this time, the power to turn the tables is in YOUR HANDS! The question is, how bad do you want it? How bad do you want to change the narrative? Listen to me, if you finished last in your division, make it your goal to finish 3rd. If you finished 3rd, you better not find yourself coming in 4th this season. Hell if you were 2nd, show the bastard who thinks he’s going to dwell luxuriously atop your division that sh** ain’t sweet as long as your around. Now if you won your division, keep your foot on the throats of those clowns who couldn’t get on your level last year.

If you missed the playoffs season 1 shame on you. I get it, you weren’t prepared for the level of competition. You didn’t know the impact generating content would have on your team. Hell maybe you were stuck with a team of players you weren’t excited about playing with, but all those excuses are out the window B. You’ve had an entire playoff run to sit and watch all the big kids have fun, while you were relegated to stand on the sidelines and wish. Well damnit I’m here to tell you that Peter Pan isn’t about to come floating through your living room. There’s no twinkling midget, oddly seductively clad fairy coming to sit on your shoulders and grant you a playoff birth. If you want in the big tournament you’re going to have to earn it! You earn it by putting in the work! Scout your opponents, watch their game film, practice your schemes and design your playbooks to the strengths of your teams, just do something to elevate yourself beyond what you accomplished last season!

I don’t know about y’all but can’t nobody hold me back but me. There’s not a single guy in this league that I fear. All of them are beatable, if I focus. If I put my mind to it. If I make sure I dot my It’s and cross my T’s. And I’ve dedicated myself to doing that this season. What about you? You cool with being a loser? Complacent with just being in the best league of Madden 21? Or do you have what it takes to be the winner of the best league? A playoff contender in the best league? A division winner in the best league? An “at least I didn’t come in last you bum a$$ garbage can trash a$$ bottom dwelling goat fu**er”? I mean I think y’all get the point right? Elevation is the name of the game fellas, and for season two, may the force be with you.

No, I’m not done yet. One more thing that we seriously need to ponder. In the AFC East, arguably the toughest division in PML we still have a vacancy in the form of the New York Jets. I applaud and recognize the hard work and diligence that our commissioner team has put into finding a suitable replacement for the dearly departed Mole. But frankly speaking this sh** has gotten out of hand. For you guys who are new this cycle you may keep hearing the mentions of a pair of guys we lost from last cycle by the name of Jose and Curt, jointly known as Cose (insert rainbow flag). Now I just want to take an opportunity to clear the air and bring everybody up to speed concerning what transpired in the past, and why many of us clamor for their return, and what or who is standing in the way of them coming back.

So Curt was a guy who was in PML for the Madden 19 cycle and made his way into the second toughest division for the M20 cycle. He was the Oakland Raiders and excelled in a division which featured Fallen, Que, and King Mike. About half way through last cycle (season 3) a vacancy opened and he got his homeboy Jose to get a try in game and he was given the Detroit Lions. This was a division which at the time featured the 32-0 back to back repeat champion Mole with the Chicago Bears. The boy Jose came in and was immediately competitive. Ultimately when he failed to beat Mole or win the division, the Natural showed to us all that he in fact had a history competing against this Jose guy, and he a video of Jose rage quiting vs him in the Super Bowl of another league. Oh the fun we had at Jose’s expense.

Then season 4 came, a season in which everyone had gotten acclimated to the flow of content points, training camps, and coordinator upgrades. A season which saw everyone’s team nicely stacked and poised to compete for the throne which had been vacated by the departed Mole and taken by the recently Crowned Cookie boy and the Miami Dolphins. Long story short, Jose and Natural faced off in the NFC championship and Jose saw himself being the victor, continuing onto the Superbowl and winning the ship with the Detroit Lions. But much like the cheating scandal of last season, Natural disappeared from the chat and guys largely let him slide under the radar as a loser to the guy we previously had had much joy in clowning about his past failures.

Blah blah blah, yackity smackity, the end of cycle M20 came and as we prepared for M21 Jose didn’t get an invite back to PML. No sweat, that’s cool, things happen sometimes right? Right. The excuse which was given at first was Curt and Jose didn’t have the money to pay the patreon subscription which would’ve kept them in the league. Some digging and probing was done, and it turned out that wasn’t entirely the case. Then the Jets became available week 5 or 6, and being that it was the toughest division in PML it was highly expected Jose would get the invite. No word was given to those guys concerning the opening. We were all told another guy was coming in, but week after week passed, and it was no dice. Then finally an Olive Branch was extended to Curt. Now I don’t believe Curt was right for the Jets for two reasons, 1 if he took over for the Jets he and Mike would be the only repeat division contenders from the previous cycle, and 2 he hasn’t proven that he’s in the level to compete with the likes of the Natural. Albeit when offered the position, Curt inquired if there would be a spot reserved for Jose if one became available and Curt was told Jose wasn’t welcome.

Now I’m not into politics, neither am I into di**riding another guy. I’m simply about competition. We can’t go into another season with a vacancy in the toughest division in the best league in Madden. I don’t know what occured between Nat and Jose. I don’t know what unforgivable act he committed, but I have been told it went beyond gaming and trash talk. However, for the sake of the league, this is a plea to the Natural to extend an Olive Branch to Jose bro. Bring this cat back so you can either truly earn the air of superiority that you carry yourself with, or make it know just why you are this cat so much that you won’t allow him back. Cuz we know it’s you bro. It’s not JT, it’s not the commissioners, it’s not those of us who desire competition, it’s YOU B. Bring Jose back, and in time if someone falls off let’s get Curt in here to. Guys who we know will compete, produce content, and take it just as much as they dish it out. Or…. I mean or….

But hey maybe I’m just a Dramaman, and I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Good luck to y’all this upcoming season, cuz you’re going to need it. Bums. Salute to the PML family, big ups to Sports Gamers Online, and shouts out to the Gaming While Black squad. I’m out!