Welcome Back!

Today the San Francisco 49ers of the Premier Madden League are not the same as they were. Sure most of the roster is currently the same since we are still currently in the PML playoffs, but something else is different. As of today they will no longer be led by the same user and coach as they were this past season. They will welcome a new face. Well, sort of a new face. Today marks the return of “isNefarious!” He will now be taking over for the previous user “ZedMoneyMane” as the San Francisco 49ers new coach! It’s been a while since Nefarious has been in the league. After a hiatus last cycle he returns with new vigor and determination.

“It wouldn’t have been right to end my PML career the way I did in New Orleans, I had to come back and prove myself!” Said the once decorated member of the league. 

Nefarious spent 4 seasons with the New England Patriots and 1 season with the Detroit Lions in Madden 19. During that time he grew into a content factory and slightly better user playing the top tier talent of the Premier Madden League. There wasn’t much success in his Madden CFM and PML debut as he only was able to break into the playoffs 1 season out of the total of 5 seasons in Madden 19. May I add the talent pool was not as strong as it is today. But improvements, improvements is what made him feel like the future was bright.

“I had a tough time adapting to the online franchise mode. It definitely does not have the same feel as playing offline. Everything is slightly delayed and it’s something you have to get use to.” Said Nefarious. “Throughout the seasons I found myself getting better but whenever I felt I was just about to break through I took 2 steps back.”

Entering Madden 20 the former New England Patriot would have to adapt to a new team and a new environment. Now a seasoned veteran that brought content, content and more content to the Premier Madden League. Nefarious next step was to not only bring the content back in this new game but also compete. 

“I’m a competitor. I grew up playing sports. Mainly Hockey, and Baseball as a child. And a little park Football and Basketball here and there. To compete in win has always been apart of me. I’m not happy taking a loss. I refuse to lose in some cases.” Said Nefarious when asked about his competitiveness.

After his stint with the New England Patriots it was time for him to tackle the New Orleans Saints and the NFC South division. With Premier Madden League being filtered out. The new cycle brought in some tough competition from outside and also made sure to keep the tough competition from the previous cycle. New user included some heavy hitters like “theofficialmole, cookieboy17” and the artist formerly known as “ZStar.” Though most of the big names were out of his division he still had to compete with “Panthers-JT, LQNoble and FKNJP.” All who are respectable opponents in their own rights. 

Madden 20 was a lot of the same when it came to coach Nefarious. The only difference is that he did not stick around like he did in Madden 19. Nefarious went 3 full seasons in PML without sniffing the playoffs then went a half a season going without any success right before he called it quits on his PML career. 

“It was just my time. I wasn’t having fun losing anymore. It didn’t help that I started to have fun playing different games at the time. Logging onto Madden became more of a nuisance than anything else.” Said coach Nefarious. 

What will make it different this time around? Now that we’re in Madden 21 and the competition is just as strong as it was previously. What’s to say that Nefarious doesn’t call it quits again? 

“I’m coming into the league with some fire. A fire that I had before but I smothered by doing so much content and putting too much on my plate.” Said Nefarious. “This time will be different. Yes, I will be still doing content but I also will focus more on the on the field stuff. Not just the content that makes the great players. Focus will need to be using those great players to capitalize on the field. 

All in all Nefarious has a lot of love and admiration for Premier Madden League and the core of guys in it. He believes his time is now and that he can finally show everyone what he’s made of. The question remains to be, “will it be enough?”

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