Off-season Outlook

As the league knows, the Bills did not perform to the ability they were hyped up to be. This offseason the organization will be taking its time to get rid of players who are taking up a lot of cap space due to the team being over the cap by around 2 million. Also Coach Carter and the GM have been evaluating players and deciding if their efforts will be wanted in the next season. There are about a handful of guys coach Carter says that are safe, but the team needs to get rid of these front runners and solve the solution to what has been holding this team back. As a Bills fan, everyone should be excited for this offseason as it’s going to be a busy one. Both Offense and Defense will be searching for some helpful pieces. Defense will mainly look for some good pass rushers and offense has to find another receiver to lay pressure of Diggs. It’s going to be an exciting offseason fans!