It Takes Magic to Win After 3 Pick 6s

Fitzmagic showed up when the PML Dolphins needed it the most in the playoffs vs the Chargers. In a very flakey offensive showcase, Fitz went 18 of 25 with one touchdown. Of those seven incomplete passes four of them were intercepted, with three of them going back for touchdowns FOR THE OTHER TEAM. If you include TDs thrown to the other team, Fitz accounted for 28 points!!… but only 7 of them for Dolphins.  However Fitz was able to showcase the grit that his career has been known for in the late moments of a very tight game with the upstart chargers led by HypeMike. On multiple occasions Fitz rolled the dice and pushed the coaching staff to trust him and the offense on multiple 4th down conversions.

On one of those conversions Fitz was able to stand up in the pocket in the face of pressure and hit Geseiki on a play action corner route. On another conversion he dealt with a heavy rush and slipped out a nice pass to Brieda on a screen for the first down. Lastly, to ice the game Fitz did an AMAZING QB toss the Brieda right on the money for a first down conversion. The Dolphins were able to run out the clock and kick the game-winning field goal.

The game was dominated offensively with ball control. The Dolphins were able to control the ball for more than 3/4ths of the game. Which may have been better for the Chargers anyway because the Dolphins defense definitely came to play amassing two interceptions and a forced fumble.

The Dolphins now move on to the divisional round where they will face the New England Patriots who they are 0-2 against. They will need another magical performance from Fitz if they even stand a chance. Tua will be watching from the sidelines with his only chance of being able to play again if the team was able to make it to the Super Bowl. Does Fitzmagic have another act up his sleeve? We will see…


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