Bills head coach believes the super bowl will be won within division

Today in Buffalo, the head coach of the Bills talked on the radio about the playoffs and who he thinks will win it. Coach Carter took the time to congratulate every team that made it then proceeded to explain who he thought was the most dominant. Coach Carter said, “I don’t want to confuse anyone by saying this because I believe each team in the playoffs is very worthy and knows how to win, but I think the Patriots are still on another level compared to most of the league. They have had much success in previous years and this one isn’t looking different besides them having less talent! I applaud that organization for all the success they’ve had. It’s going to be a shame that we (Bills) will have to change that next year so they better enjoy it. I also like the titans, big man Henry is a problem come playoff time so we will see how defenses hold up against him. I can’t forget about the Football Team over there in the NFC. Ever since they hired that guy the whole organization has flipped. He deserves all the success coming for him and that team. They will be a problem for many years.” Coach Carter’s interview was cut short due to Covid testing. He has another interview next week about the draft and whom he feels will be good players to pick up.