PML Power Rankings Week 17

  1. Patriots Prev 1

Not quite undefeated yet as Nat has will play our newest user Taco. Regardless of the outcome the Patriots come in at #1 to finish off the regular season as the AFC’s top seed, heading into a bye week as the playoffs start.

2. Chargers Prev 2

Even after his “loss” to the Broncos Hypemike bounced back and beat KC, and have secured the #2 seed in the AFC. A record breaking year for the Chargers O lead by Herbert and Ekeler will face off against King Mike and the Dolphins wildcard weekend.

3.Bucs Prev 3

Dllyod did lose his week 17 matchup against Ant and the Falcons, but this starter deprived lineup was led by QB Chris Streveler. Dllyod will have another week to rest as he has the NFCs bye week. Dllyod gets to watch as the NFC is still very much up in the air at this point.

4. Cowboys Prev 5

First mover of the week is the Dallas Cowboys and CEO who have been silently taking care of buisness and have officially punched their ticket in the NFC. Their win vs the Eagles put them over the top in division, and will go into week 17 with no worries, exept keeping everyone healthy for the playoffs.

5. Texans Prev 7

After falling 3 spots last week, Houston jumps right back up to 5 this week. Fallen and the Texans had a must win in against Arod and the Bengals, which they won, forcing a week 17 match up against the Titans for the AFC South. Both teams have clinched a spot, but this will decide seeding and match ups in the AFC

6. Titans Prev 4

After coming off a big win, Titans laid an egg against a 2 win Packers team. As previously mentioned. their week 17 game vs the Texans will decide the division, and playoff seeding. Will be intresting to see how both teams manage their starters.

7.Dolphins Prev 6

Mike will only drop one spot this week but had a rough outing in week 17. Not only did he lose to the division rival Bills. But rookie sensation Tua Tagovailoa was hurt and will be out for the season. This is a crusher for the playoff bound Dolphins, but if anyone can muster up some playoff magic, its Ryan Fitzpatrick…

8.Falcons Prev 11

Antdog lost to Dllyod this week in a game starring Chris Streveler and Trace McSorley. The real test will be if Antdog can win a game in the playoffs though. Atlanta has been a very strong team all season but we have yet to see what ant can do on playoff stage.

9. WFT Prev 9

TBandit and the Football team did what they needed to do in week 16 vs the Panthers and move to 10-5, still to play Burn and the Eagles. but his playoff spot is secured. Although he dropped a couple games during the final stretch, I think Tbandit is the dark horse NFC contender.

10. Vikings Prev 12

Vikings are coming into week 17 hot off must need wins vs the the Bears and Saints. He will play against division rival Cookieboy , winner will get in. Cookieboy is coming off a 2 game skid and but this game is a must win.

11. Ravens

Wasn’t very likely a few weeks ago but bacon took care of his end and has actually won the AFC North. Will play loser of Texans Titans in the playoffs

12. Browns

HD wins the biggest game of his PML career? HD caps off his first season with an improbable playoff birth beating Dramaman in one of the most hyped games of the year.

13. Bears

Noble has really put things together the second half of the season winning 5 of his last 7, and will most likely make the playoffs. Chicago’s defense is second to none and Khalil Mack might be too much for teams to handle if the Bears can get in

14. Colts

After going on record breaking run the Colts fell just short of their playoff dream losing to the Jags. Johnathon Taylor never ran out of gas, rumor has it that still running getting ready for next season.

15. Steelers

5………. in a row………. King?

Power Ranking – 2020 Regular Season
RankNFL TeamsW-LPrevRankRating
1New England Patriots15-0043.525
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers13-3024.916
3Los Angeles Chargers14-2033.116
4Dallas Cowboys11-4019.785
5Houston Texans11-4014.951
6Tennessee Titans11-4013.417
7Washington Football Team10-5015.535
8Atlanta Falcons11-508.109
9Miami Dolphins10-6010.484
10Minnesota Vikings9-609.651
11Indianapolis Colts9-708.281
12Detroit Lions9-604.706
13Pittsburgh Steelers9-706.486
14Baltimore Ravens10-6012.209
15Cleveland Browns10-600.744
16Chicago Bears9-70-0.772
17New York Giants8-703.679
18Las Vegas Raiders8-70-3.591
19New York Jets7-80-0.131
20Buffalo Bills8-80-2.135
21Seattle Seahawks8-80-5.837
22San Francisco 49ers6-100-10.524
23Philadelphia Eagles5-90-7.532
24Jacksonville Jaguars5-110-14.908
25Kansas City Chiefs4-120-16.798
26New Orleans Saints5-110-10.666
27Arizona Cardinals3-120-19.704
28Green Bay Packers3-130-21.786
29Denver Broncos3-120-24.148
30Cincinnati Bengals2-140-25.314
31Los Angeles Rams1-130-30.434
32Carolina Panthers1-150-34.081